Unsupported Rotundity Scenario Pack v1.2.6

Lots of loops and stunts to get your beat-up cars to the finish.

  1. Darthbob555
    A pack of three scenarios that all take place at grid small pure. These scenarios contain loops and stunts which are generally considered hard.

    Circularity (difficulty 65):

    This scenario takes an offroad Gavril D-Series for 5 loops that elevate in height. the track is the easiest of the three though may take some time practicising. Try the hood camera (hood has been removed to not obscure view) for the loops.

    circularitycourse.jpg 20160419173218_1.jpg

    Vortex (difficulty 85):

    This scenario takes a base sunburst for twists and turns that are slopping in height. The road is very bumpy, deliberately so, which means you need to avoid the route with spike-like corners.

    vortex.jpg 20160419173305_1.jpg

    Descending (difficulty 98):

    The hardest scenario of this pack takes an SBR (the most powerful version) and removes "helpful features" from it such as the oil cooler and brakes. It is downhill which allows you to steer the way down without the need of the engine most of the time.

    descending.jpg 20160419173353_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Tires
  2. Various fixes
  3. Moved waypoint in circulatiry course scenario
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