Roth Alpha Parts Pack 2.4

More Parts for a modded vehicle.

  1. Supercharger + 2JZ

    - Added Superchargers (Stage 1/2/3) for I6 Engines
    - Added 2JZ Engine
    - Added Tow Config
    - Added Alt. Track Config
  2. flexfix

    - flexbody fix
  3. fix

    - Fixed Configs
    - Added FWD
  4. Even more Configs!

    - Added Pessima V6 Wagon Config
    - Added Gavril V8 Wagon Config
    - Added Vivace I5 Wagon Config
    - Added Vivace Diesel I4 (Base) Wagon Config
    - Added Vivace Diesel I4 (Premium) Wagon Config
    - Added Track Config
  5. fix

    - Fixed some configs having no tires. (Only configs coming with this mod)
  6. Fixed file name

    I've changed the filename
  7. More Configs

    This update includes four more configs. These configs are:
    - DaddelZeit's Sleeper Wagon (A personal)
    - DaddelZeit's Sedan (A personal)
    - DaddelZeit's Sedan Dragster (A personal)
    - 8.1L V8 Sedan Dragster
  8. More Transmissions!

    - Added 6-Speed DCT Transmission
    - Added 7-Speed Sequential Transmission
    - Added Continuously variable transmission
    Please note that the CVT transmission is only for the petrol engines.
  9. Small name fix

    - Fixed Drag Config not matching engine name.
  10. A big update!

    - Added Vivace Transmissions
    - Added Dragster Engine (w Config)
    - Added ESC (ABS slot)
    - Added Less Fade Brakes
    - Added Bolide Engines (3.2L V8, 3.5L V8, 3.8L V8)
    - Added GPS (BeamNavigator, Additional Modification slot)
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