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Outdated RG TrophyT 0.12

An extreme offroad vehicle.

  1. racerguy24
    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the latest 0.9 update, this mod no longer works for now. The issue is the wheels explode when spawned.

    It's here, the TrophyT!

    I made a poll to what vehicle to make next months ago and this made it and I seem to understand why they asked for it. This is an extreme offroad machine that will take any big jumps (not too big obviously but still big). This thing has got a 750 HP V8 and got a top speed of 140 MPH (not sure in KPH).

    Please do not reupload my mod without permission.

    Known issues:
    -Once again the crashes on this are not perfect.
    -When using RWD (not sure about 4WD) It is unstable at speed especialy with the full assistance.

    -Powertrain system which includes lockable diffs (locked RWD=Hard mode)
    -Moving radiator fans!
    -Moving mudflaps!
    -Extreme fun with jumps
    -Adjustable suspension
    -Few paint designs (note that * on names mean no color changing available)

    screenshot_00363.png screenshot_00366.png screenshot_00367.png screenshot_00376.png screenshot_00386.png

    Credit: Ninetynine (for the engine tuning)

    Have fun!
    If you have any issues or suggestions, let me know.
    There will be more paint jobs availible or make your own. (Ask in discussion if you want it to be added.)

Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.2

Recent Reviews

  1. j boo
    j boo
    Version: 0.12
    Update please
  2. jonnynum21
    Version: 0.12
    great mod but can you add a monster energy paint job
  3. Crazycatman
    Version: 0.12
    I have forgotten a month ago to make a review on this, the reason is that it does not work, it has a engine, I know how to play, and the truck won't move, I looked through all the other reviews and have not found a single complaint about this? Anyway you know of this could be caused? Such as mod interference?
  4. JollyaXD
    Version: 0.12
    WOOOW! i love it! i wil try to make a custom skin :D
  5. Jesse1121
    Version: 0.12
    fun mod
  6. LucaBrasi
    Version: 0.12
    Although they're fun to play with, They don't look that great. I'm not sure I understand why there are vehicles like this but no monster trucks or other things like that.
  7. GerbilGod
    Version: 0.12
    Love the mod and I have a suggestion for another...
    How about a NASCAR style vehicle! Your style of mods would be perfect for a stock car. I have been waiting for a true NASCAR in the game for a long time and I have to admit, I'm starting to get desperate. I hope you consider, and good luck.
    1. racerguy24
      Author's Response
      I might think about it although I have a few more vehicles planned.
  8. Tux
    Version: 0.12
    The mod is awesome! just always wants to flip, either it needs more weight, or you need to loosen the grip on the tires, i went to the baja desert and could barely make it around a simple turn. Other than that it's super fun!
  9. MattKowalski
    Version: 0.12
    This truck + Ghost's Desert = Happiness! Haven't had this much fun on Beam in a while. Thanks!
  10. SuperDragon1026
    Version: 0.12