Rex R70 SS 1.0

Built elegantly for speed

  1. AbyssWalker240
    This car is one of my best looking cars to date, and is powered by a 620 hp 5l twin turbo flat 4, allowing it 60 mph in an estimated 2.9 seconds. This car is limited to 206 mph, but is capable of at least 210 (you can remove the limiter in the camso_engine.jbeam file). The car's rear mounted engine gives the rear wheels 58% of the 3700 lbs of weight this car has, and when coupled with the rear biased AWD system, the car is provided ample traction for accelerating.

    The car's aesthetics were inspired by multiple other futuristic designs on the Automation server, as well as my previous designs, which this takes heavily from.

    *All specs above were measured in Automation, excluding top speed. Weight will be higher, and chances are acceleration will also be slower.

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