Beta [REWORK / BIG UPDATE | 70+ Parts!] RK's Highly Customizable Engines (I5, V8, I6 and I4) 2.4.1

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum! Now even better!

  1. SBR Fix

    - Added Enginemounts for SBR
    - Added Removable Chargepipe option
  2. Added Wendover and engine mounts

    - Added all Engines to the Wendover
    - Added Enginemounts (Thanks to Zaffir for helping)
    - Fixed Burnside Special missing I5 and I6 Engine
  3. Hotfix! Works again!

    Fixed the mod freezing the game
  4. I4 Engine Update! + Fixes


    - Added I4 Engine for every car!
    - Added 302CUI V8 displacement
    - Added OHV and Ported OHV Cylinderhead for the I4, I5 and I6
    - Fixed Enginesound on every car (zylindercount was on every enginetype on 4)
    - Fixed wrong exhaustname on ETK I
    - Fixed Missing Enginemodel on the Autobello
    - Fixed Missing I6 Engine on the burnside
  5. Small Bugfix


    - fixed Engines won't show up for the Roamer
    - added 400CUI V8 Block (requested)
  6. I6 Engine + Working Valve Exhaust Update!

    With the new system, its so much easier to add new engines :)

    - Added I6 Engine for every car!
    - Added Valve Exhaust in the ECU (Toggle with ctrl + q)
    ATTENTION: Cars which already have Drivemodes, need to be removed the drivemode part first, otherwise the car breaks
    - Added indestructible Valvesprings, no more Overrev
    - Added bigger Cam with more idleroughness
    - Fixed Optimized ECU didn't added more power
    - Fixed Radiator cooling power, now much stronger

    If you like the mod...
  7. V2.0 Remake! Even Better Now!

    V2.0 Remake!

    Finally i can proudly present the remake.
    The mod will now work with a new engine system, should eliminate every bug with engine breaking. Also much easier to add new engine parts.
    If you know any more engine parts or options i can add, write me in the discussion theater or send me a PM

    - Every Engine Part got reworked and added some.
    - Every Engine (For Now only V8 + I5) has now 70+ Parts with 350+ Options!
    - V8 + I5 is now available for Every car except...
  8. Some Bug fixes and little tweaks

    Long time no updates, but now i fixed some little things.

    In about 2 weeks i will start reworking the whole engine and will make more frequent updates and also will add new engines :)


    - Fixed Starter, removed cold start + old starter because of problems
    (Sometimes you need to give a little throttle so the starter stops spinning)
    - Fixed Idle RPM
    - Added No ECU
    - Removed 4.6l Block (Stalled and breaked all the time while on throttle)


    - Added I5 and...
  9. Fixed Engine not showing up

    Had a Hard time fixing the v8 not showing up.

    - Fixed that the v8 not showing up on every car.
  10. Fixed V8 for Roamer/Van/Pickup

    -Changed the file structure of pickup/Van/Roamer engine because Roamer didn't show up.
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