Experimental Resizable ETK 800 1.01

RC car, long limo, crazy donk, and giant car crusher, all in one mod, + more!

  1. Agent_Y
    This is a fun mod that isn't supposed to be realistic at all. It's the ETK 800, but with an addition of new sliders in the Tuning menu, that control the size of the car!

    You can scale every dimension of the car separately, up to 10 times bigger or smaller. Wheels are resized separately and you need to manually change the values for radius and width on them. Some combinations of the size of the car and wheels can cause wheels to break off, in this case you need to increase the slider for wheel hub weight scale to fix it.
    Additionally some values for the engine and clutch are scalable, that will make it better suited for bigger wheels or a heavier car. And some basic global value scales from my first mod are here too, so you can make a 10 times bigger car also 10 times heavier for some "realism".

    There are some things that come at the cost of making the car resizable, and I had to sacrifise them, so this car doesn't have some of the features that other ones have. Parts that are normally animated (steering wheel, gauges, driveshaft, needles, pedals, etc.) are now stationary, it might break immersion but there is nothing I can do about it. Digital gauges still work though. Stock steering wheel is not available, only aftermarket ones, and they are resized the same way as the wheels on the car (due to having a circular shape and being at an angle, it was not possible to make them resizable with the rest of the car without big issues).

    When using this mod, you need to keep in mind a few things about some stuff in the parts selector:
    • For very small cars, you will have to disable the Self-Collision slot, otherwise it will deform by itself:
    • The radiator performance is increased along with the car size, because the radiator area and amount of fluid also increases. However cars with bigger wheels will overheat more regardless, so consider using a high performance or OP radiator in that case:
    • Universal wheels don't work on this car, and resizable wheels can't be used on other cars, I tried to get it to work for months but I gave up and normal working resizable wheels were already hard enough. The wheels selection is a bit different, you select the wheel design in a sub-slot where only ETK wheels are included:
    • If you make the car very big, normal tires won't collide with other cars really well if you want to crush them, so I made special car crusher tires, but they don't work too well on a normal sized car, only on a very big one... And on really small cars, tires generally don't work too well and might behave weird, deflate out of nowhere or cause instabilities, I can't really fix this
    • While the suspension clearance gets scaled relative to the car, some of the geometry changes when resizing, so for very small cars only race suspension parts work decent, and for a very big one only rally ones, but they still behave weird and might deform a lot on small bumps, and generally huge cars only drive well on flat surfaces with occasional "small" truck-sized bumps... But trust me, it used to be a lot worse, I fixed what I could.
    • On really big cars, open differentials don't work really well, so I added welded ones. Similarly, normal transfercases suck so I added a 4x4 one.
    • Similarly to the radiator, the brake strength gets scaled with car size, but for cars with huge wheels it's not enough. I made an option to scale the brake strength in Tuning up to 1000% instead of 100, BUT EVEN THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, for heavy cars and huge wheels you pretty much always have to use the best brakes and brake pads possible, and even then they take a long while to slow down.
    • There is only 1 engine available, but you can scale the torque in Tuning anyway so it shouldn't be an issue.
    • Race seats, tow hitch, roof bars and maybe more parts that I don't remember at the moment are not supported in this mod because it's not so easy to make them resizable.

    The mod includes some crazy confguration presets, on the thumbnails they have a crash test dummy for scale reference (dummy not included in the mod):
    (Note: the "Putin's Limo" config has been since removed, too lazy to make a new screenshot lol)

    Other known issues and inconveniences:
    • ESC will freak out when the car is much bigger than normal so you should probably disable it
    • Very big cars could deform in a weird way sometimes
    • Huge cars have a lot more air resistance than normal, so they will drive and fall slower, similarly tiny ones will drive and fall faster because less air resistance, so they are harder to control
    • Generally very big or very small cars drive much worse than normal ones for a lot of reasons
    • Scaling the car too much in 1 dimension compared to others can cause weird things to happen, like parts disappearing, weird deformations or explosions. This is because you ruin the precise geometry needed for the car to work properly by doing that.
    • Turbocharger overheats easily but that also happens on the normal ETK 800
    • I was too lazy to update the default thumbnail so it's extremely outdated from before the car had PBR and tweaked proportions of some parts, in game the actual model is up to date
    • The mod might break with future updates because it reuses the textures from ETK 800 to reduce file size, I will do my best to fix it quickly whenever it breaks
    • Doesn't support mods that work on the normal ETK 800, you would have to redo a mod from scratch to support this
    • Most of the default configs have some bizarre, hilarous issues and they drive terrible but it's funny
    BeamNG - the original ETK 800
    Me - making it resizable and spending months fixing bugs with it
    Felipe Maciel - beta testing

    Please don't ask me to make other cars resizable, it was a lot of work which was mostly boring, and then fixing literally hundreds of issues. Have fun with this one, and if you have any suggestions that won't be too hard to add then tell me.
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Recent Updates

  1. Removed "Putin's Limo" config

Recent Reviews

  1. salpaca53
    Version: 1.01
    You should've at least renamed Putin's limo to something else instead of fully removing it.
  2. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.01
    ETK 800 ft long
  3. SimonPlayzFromYT
    Version: 1.01
    deleting the putins limo is the right thing to do, hes being a ahole irl, we can even expect ww3, and i dont want that. btw it is an amazing mod, so funny.
  4. jasel
    Version: 1.0
    fun! you should add it to any cars
  5. Doge_guy
    Version: 1.0
    How about Resizing ALL the Vehicles, even mods?! I think this will be a featured mod later, It is really growing up...
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      Resizing vehicles in a way that it works for all cars is extremely unstable, I tried it several times before and it never worked well
  6. Zegred
    Version: 1.0
    This was alot of fun, i can appreciate the time you put into this.
    and dont take this part as a complaint because i really enjoyed this, but when you use the larger sized vehicle, the tire marks it leaves are the same size as the regular car! ITS SO GREAT
  7. Maturely Immature
    Maturely Immature
    Version: 1.0
    Extremely fun! I loved Camodo's video on it and am currently trying to get the donk to a high speed without losing control!
  8. jake44
    Version: 1.0
    look im a massive derby fan and the rc cars are so cool at derbys and wow what an awesome idea i have had you could create a derby set and make a little figure 8 track for them. can you make rc cars for all car types in game
  9. G-E-Sassulia
    Version: 1.0
    24 variants of ETK800,XD
  10. eocbhafmis
    Version: 1.0
    This game and its modding community is a gift that keeps on giving
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