Beta Renegade Ruler 2.0

The second fastest non-modded Automation car.

  1. 2.0: Full Revamp

    Thomas A-N
    New in 2.0:

    More Power (3133.6)
    T-Charged V10
    Full Visual Revamp
    PBR Support
    387MPH Top Speed
    Faster Than My Own Record
    20MPH Shy Of The Leading Record

    My lifelong goal was to get this car hit the sand on Car Jump Arena, and it finally did it!



    1. screenshot_2021-08-10_12-47-30.png
    2. screenshot_2021-08-10_12-47-13.png
  2. 1.5: The Fastest Car Once More

    Thomas A-N
    What's new?
    • 300 more horsepower
    • Drastic weight loss
    • New top speed (315MPH)
    • New 0-60 (Practically 1 second)
    The new problems:
    • More wheelspin
    • Forced to sacrifice 500RPM
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