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Realistic Skins Pack Hotfix Updated (April 20)

A pack with many awesome skins for the game BeamNG.Drive

  1. Nathaniel Hudac
    Realistic Skins Pack

    fag.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00000 (2).png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00004.png americunt.png screenshot.png

    This pack includes several high-quality skins for BeamNG.Drive
    All the skins were based on the reality or other games' vehicles
    ( Juz cant forget the good-old-dayz huh?)
    This pack also includes some of my old mods ( Of course I updated them )

    Almost every car in the game has at least one special skin, also the cars will include some configurations in order to perform better.

    - HD skins
    - Each car has it's own description
    - HD Thumbnails
    - Weekly Updates guaranteed
    - Creativity & Diversity
    - Full of surprises

    How to install the mod?
    Use simply drop the mod file into your mod folder
    Check the folder/cache/other mods before you report a bug

    Community Support:
    - Accept community skin requset
    - Check changlogs for update
    You can send your recommendations via reviews, pm or discussion thread
    - Feedback are very important, so leave 'em!

    Do NOT reupload it, Thank you!!!
    If you like this mod, please leave a 5 stars rating and click *like*

Recent Reviews

  1. Formula E
    Formula E
    Version: Hotfix Updated (April 20)
  2. 3328116110 lol
    3328116110 lol
    Version: Hotfix Updated (April 20)
    Great work man!
  3. Spin mE
    Spin mE
    Version: Hotfix Updated (April 20)
    Great job on those skins, very nice detail
  4. Koodo
    Version: Hotfix Updated (April 20)
    this is so cool, love it
  5. Romano_PENA
    Version: Hotfix Updated (April 20)
    Nice pack
  6. Pungpig2
    Version: Weekly Updated (Feb 6)
  7. jonathanr2015.jm
    Version: Weekly Updated (Feb 6)
    some skins are from games i see...
    im gonna say many as possible

    ctOS from Watch dogs 1
    Bugstars from GTA5
    libirty city is from gta
    FlyU6 is from gta

    thats all is know
    1. Nathaniel Hudac
      Author's Response
      Also SCPD from Need For Speed :)))
  8. YNMeister :^)
    YNMeister :^)
    Version: Weekly Updated (Feb 6)
    Really, really cool mod, great job you have done!
  9. Spammer
    Version: Weekly Updated (Feb 6)
  10. Sirocc
    Version: Weekly Updated (Feb 6)
    And this Fairhaven Police skin :D