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Beta Realistic EJ Engine Pack (4 Engines, 11 Configs, Parts, Sounds) 1.3.1

Nothing like blown ringlands in the morning

  1. Small Update, New Flywheels

    New Flywheels!



    Stock STI Flywheel - Gets the job down on
    launches, revs enough

    Stock WRX Flywheel - Thing is a little difficult to launch, heavier than STI Flywheel

    ACT StreetLite Flywheel - This thing is pretty light, revs pretty damn quick

    ACT ProLite - Super fast revving...
  2. 2 New Configs, and Turbo Adjustments!

    2 New Configs, and Turbo Adjustments!

    Changed the turbo values of the Garrett GTX4508R SHO Turbo, Cobb 20G, and the VF48 so that they're more realistic and true-to-life. More changes to made in the future, as well as more turbos.

    2 New Configs:

    The Zuckerberg Special - This thing is right off of...
  3. New Config and Sounds Changes!

    New Config and Sounds

    Offroad STI:
    Good for yeetin across fat canyon gaps in the middle of the night


    I adjusted the sounds so it doesn't sound like a 1938 Beetle tractor
  4. Drivetrain Update!

    Drivetrain Update!

    Parts Added:


    USDM 6-Speed STI Manual Transmission (MY 01-07)

    USDM 6-Speed STI Manual Transmission (MY 08-20)

    USDM 5-Speed WRX Manual Transmission (MY 02-07)

    USDM 5-Speed WRX Manual Transmission (MY 08-14)

    USDM 6-Speed WRX Manual Transmission (MY 15-20)

    JDM Spec-C STI 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    JDM STI 6-Speed Manual...
  5. Update 1.1.0 - New Config - Happy 4th of July

    Changes for 1.1.0


    New Amateur Rally Config:

    Perfect car to start your dream as a rally driver

    Happy 4th of...
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