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Beta Realistic Cummins Diesel Pack 3.7

Adds 4 of the Cummins B-Series engines and 6 Transmissions available for multiple vehicles

  1. Added 38 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tanks

    -Engines now can use all transmissions and vice versa
    -Added 38 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tanks to D-series, Roamer, Hopper, H-series
    -Small Tweak to 48RE Transmission
  2. Update 3.6

    -Added a TransBrake to Drag Transmissions
    -Changed default gear ratios in drags transmissions to match stock gear ratios (can be adjusted in tuning menu)
    -Updated and fixed Configs
    -All Engines now weight the same from vehicle to vehicle for more realistic engine swaps
    -Corrected some parts' names
    -Drag transmission are only available for D-Series due to transfer case issues in other vehicles
  3. Adjusted Turbos for realism

    -Lowered 47RE and 48RE low shift up points
    -Adjusted Turbos to act like more realistic
    -Selecting aftermarket governor springs will now allow the engine to continue making power at higher rpms
    -Slightly adjusted 12V Cummins and VP44 Cummins sound at certain rpm
  4. Added engines to Gavril CB40

    -Added engines to Gavril CB40
    -Added Magnaflow Muffler to Roamer Extended body
    -Fixed missing manifold in roamer
    -Fixed some transmission jbeam mistakes
    -Fixed doubled parts in parts selector for vehicles other than D-Series
  5. Now works with version (Sorry for wait)

    -Fixed missing D-Series mufflers
    -Fixed missing D-Series hood
    -Fixed missing transfer case model
    -fixed model issues with Hopper
    -Fixed missing D-Series radiators
  6. Lots of transmission tuning for automatic transmissions

    -Made all stock turbos quieter
    -Added a 5th gear to 47RE and 48RE to act as 4th gear but lockup (5th gear has the same gear ratio as 4th gear) so it now shifts into 4th at 40mph and locks up at 50mph instantly.
    -Cold Air Intake now only turns up turbo volume
    -Added All rev limiter types to Adjustable ECU (JBEAM code sourced from CJD Specials mod)
  7. Transmission tuning

    -Lowered Off Load volume for 24V Common Rail Cummins, 24V VP44 Cummins, 6.7L Cummins
    -Fixed 48RE 2nd to 3rd shift when full throttle
    -Tuned All Transmissions
    -69RFE now locks up in 5th gear
  8. Tweaked Transmissions

    -Fixed missing 3000rpm governor spring
    -Tweaked 47RE and 48RE stock transmissions to lockup 4th gear at 1100rpm
    -Tuned Automatic transmissions more
  9. Fixed 12V Cummins Starter

    -Fixed 12V Cummins Starter Sound
  10. Added Diesel Fuel Cell for Hopper Crawler and some small adjustments

    -Fixed pickup configs missing
    -Adjusted Commonrail and VP44 start up RPM
    -Adjusted 24V VP44 Cummins Idle RPM
    -Fixed Automatic Transmission Downshift
    -Added "Diesel Fuel Cell" to Hopper Crawler
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