Beta Realistic Cummins Diesel Pack 2.6

Adds 4 of the Cummins B-Series engines and 6 Transmissions

  1. FakeCarGuy
    Please Help! I am trying to make a 3D model for the engines but there are no tutorials specifically for Beamng Drive and I have no experience, If you know how to model engines and want to help, I will greatly appreciate that!

    Thank you to "gta5lover" for the awesome exhaust models!!!
    Custom Exhaust sounds were sourced from:

    Available Vehicles:

    -Freightliner FS-65:
    This mod adds:


    - 5.9L 6BT 12V Cummins
    - 5.9L ISB 24V Cummins (VP44)
    - 5.9L ISB 24V Cummins (Common Rail)
    - 6.7L ISB 24V Cummins

    - 47RE 4-speed Automatic Transmission
    - 47RE Built Transmission
    - 48RE 4-speed Automatic Transmission
    - 48RE Built Transmission
    - 68RFE 6-speed Automatic Transmission
    - 68RFE Built Transmission
    - NV4500 5-speed Manual Transmission
    - NV5600 6-speed Manual Transmission
    - G56 6-speed Manual Transmission

    - Stock Air Box
    - Cold Air Intake (+15hp)

    - Magnaflow Muffler (5inch)
    - Bed Stack

    Exhaust Manifolds:

    - Stock Exhaust Manifold
    - 2nd Gen Swap Manifold for 24V Common Rail and 6.7L Engines (changes exhaust sound)

    - Stock Injectors
    - 50hp Injectors
    - 100hp Injectors
    - 150hp Injectors
    - 230hp Injectors
    - 400hp Injectors

    Catalytic Converters:
    - Stock Catalytic Converter
    - Straight-Thru Catalytic Converter (+20hp)

    - HY35W Turbocharger (Stock)
    - Variable Boost Turbocharger (12-80 PSI)

    Future Plans:

    - More Turbochargers
    - Engine Models
    - More stages of built transmissions
    - More selection of torque converters and clutches for built transmissions and stock transmissions
    - ECU Tunes (Tow tune, race tune, etc.)

    This mod is far from done so I am open for any help or ideas!

    Also please report any bugs :)


    1. D25_4WD_Cummins24V.png
    2. cummins_hauler.png
    3. Cummins_Hauler_M.png
    4. 67L_Cummins_A.png
    5. 67L_Cummins_M.png
    6. cummins_worktruck.png
    7. cummins_offroad.png
    8. 67L_Street.png
    9. CommonRail_Sport.png
    10. cummins_custom.png
    11. Cummins24V_Drag.png

Recent Updates

  1. More Vehicles!
  2. Small Tweaks
  3. Adjusted Exhaust Sound

Recent Reviews

  1. zfarineau
    Version: 2.6
    Awesome mod. But it would be even better if there was a diesel fuel cell for the Hopper crawler frame.
  2. DaddelZeit
    Version: 2.6
    Can you add the engines to the T-Series? I feel like that's going to be a cool addidition. Really cool mod!
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Yeah I can do that :) Thanks for the review!
  3. Rotary_oil_burner1128
    Version: 2.6
    Awesome mod. I did find a little issue with the crawler variant of the hopper. I went through all the engines and transmissions and the engines spawn fine but the transmission, transfer case, and driveshafts are invisible. I assume it comes from this mod as the frame and drivetrain are all in-game except for the engine and transmission. Just little things the mod works great besides that and sounds amazing.
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for pointing that out! I will dig into finding a solution :)
  4. Holiace
    Version: 2.6
    As someone who appreciates good sound I gotta say the 12V sounds absolutely fantastic. I love this mod.
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Thank you! you can't have a Cummins mod if it doesn't have the Cummins sound :)
  5. Hemi J
    Hemi J
    Version: 2.6
    Appreciate you taking the suggestions!
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      No problem :) Thanks for the suggestions
  6. mmmmhg
    Version: 2.5
    Love it but still missing that rolling coal ecu
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Soon, I'm trying to fix it messing with the other ecu's
  7. the nissan guy
    the nissan guy
    Version: 2.4
    i love this, best realistic engine ive found.
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  8. Destructionater
    Version: 2.4
    This mod has excellent engine sounds! DOWNLOAD IT!!! Some things that I would Like to see are maybe some Powerstroke engines in the future, and some custom dodge parts for the d series. Can you make this compatible with other vehicles? if not it's ok. And BTW I can record a dodge ram 2500 24v Idle. You can find it on my channel on my profile. And if you want i can make a video on this mod.
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much!
      When I slow down on these engines I can defiantly make a Powerstroke engine pack, and I am going to start adding these engines to other vehicles soon :)
  9. Poltergeist 2
    Poltergeist 2
    Version: 2.4
    Love it but theres one thing missing, roaling coal. Btw i own a 6.7 cummins irl 2016 ram 2500
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      That's cool! I really like the 4th Gens :)
      I can possibly add some sort of Rolling Coal ECU or just in crease the amount of smoke for the injectors. If there's one you'd prefer you can start a conversation with me :)
  10. heyjimmay
    Version: 2.4
    I'm glad that you left the previous sounds on the newer 24v's. I like both of the sounds for the mod but I personally enjoy the older sound better. Still my favorite mod!
    1. FakeCarGuy
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I personally thought that the older sounds sounded more like the Common Rail Cummins, so I just left it in their for selection :)
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