Experimental Realistic 12V and 24V 5.9L Cummins Engines 1.4

Adds the 12V and 24V Cummins Engines along with the 47RE, 48RE, NV4500 and NV5600 Transmissions

  1. Slight Torque Curve fix

    -Fixed the torque dropping at 2000 rpm's and then climbing again, keep in mind that the torque curve still needs a lot of work :)

    Thanks to warkus for the modding tip!


    1. TorqueCurveAfter.png
  2. Fixed Stock Turbo Sound

    I meant to fix the Stock Turbo Sound in the last update but here ya go :)
  3. Tuned Trans and Added new Muffler

    - Tuned the "Built 48RE Transmission" to shift harder but not too stiff for street friendliness.
    - Added a "Magnaflow Muffler" for a tiny bit more power and a louder exhaust note. It is under the "Muffler" category in the parts menu.
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