Raven R20

The answer isn't always Miata.

  1. Simo375i
    Version: 1.0.2
    Although the exhaust comes out in the wrong place on the V6 and the body isn't as detailed as any vanilla car it manages to catch the sensation of a British sports car like nothing else has. It handles well which says a lot for a car in BeamNG because let's be honest. It's seriously hard to make any of the vanilla cars handle properly well but this car does it and it's fun even with the I4 engine. I hope to see more Raven cars and possibly a sound update to the R60 as its sound still works as engine sounds did a few updates ago.
  2. SlowCreepyDeepy
    Version: 1.0.2
    It is, overall, a decent mod. The model is fine, the jbeam is alright, and the deformation is mediocre, but still quite tolerable. Handling is fantastic, the weight distribution feels perfect, and the gauge cluster is really nice. All told, this is an objectively good mod.

    The paywall seems rather strange to me, though. I realize that making mods is difficult, and for two dollars, it's not as bad as some people are making it out to be. That said, the whole point of BeamNG as a concept is that it is a platform to create content on, which creators can then choose to share with the community. Frankly, it just doesn't seem to fit in with what the rest of the community is doing, and I really hope that this doesn't become a trend. I also think that if you're going to stick with the DLC thing, refine the mod until people are properly satisfied with base content first. Making a mod with three configurations is completely fine. Adding a DLC with more configurations is reasonable. However, only adding two configurations seems a bit odd. Think about all of the content you get in the base game. Sure, DLCs generally don't have as good value as the base game, but in this case, the ratio of content to cost is ridiculous, especially considering how much content comes with BeamNG without any mods. If the DLC added more, I would be alright with it, but it's just two configurations and a few new parts.

    All that said, this mod is objectively good, and whether or not I agree with the paywall, the content itself is absolutely worthy of a solid four stars.
    Version: 1.0.2
    Okay so let me get this straight: people are hating on a mod because it had paid DLC that costs TWO DOLLARS? Seriously, what's two dollars!?
    Anyway, I love this car. The fully-interactive gauge cluster is amazing! A cute car itself, fun to crash on the Matrix Freeway. Amazing job!
  4. GliderGamingYT
    Version: 1.0.2
    Pretty good mod, it looks like it was made in Automation along with the R60. I don't mind the paid stuff much but i can see that a lot of people do. JBeam isn't too bad, but it isn't perfect. Other than a bit of wheelspin and slipperiness (its a 300~hp rwd coupe so what do you expect?) it handles great. Overall good mod especially being your second car mod.
  5. PumaDeAur2
    Version: 1.0.2
    The car is fun to drive, the gauge cluster screen is very cool and interesting, but this car seems a bit bland, like the front is this extreme thing full of vents and abstract shapes, and the rest of this car is bland, the rear especially. The interior also seems pretty bland. Also, the paid DLC thing just seems very strange for me. From what I've seen in videos, it doesn't seem too good, and it just adds TWO versions. I think the DLC should offer more configs. Nobody wants BeamNG to become a pay-to-enjoy game, it should be free for all people. This type of stuff is very hated in this community, and you could have just asked people to support you on Patreon. Paying for cars in a virtual game seems strange to me, but overall the mod is cool and fun.
  6. AdamNyk22
    Version: 1.0.2
    I know it's not easy to make models but if you have a paid dlc it should be high quality, this is very rough and crashes awfully, the only good thing is the dashboard which is completely pointless.
  7. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 1.0.2
    Ok, I't's worth a full review, so

    Right, I'm re-reviewing this, more points, etc

    Ever notice how Automation cars have slightly strange reflections? The Raven, for some reason, has reflections very similar to that.
    Next, there's almost no physical detail in the mesh itself. Ignoring the (subjectively) ugly front and solely looking at the rest of the car, a few details become apparent.

    The door handles are integrated and only textures, so from a distance and even relatively close-up it looks like the car has no door handles.
    There aren't any side skirts or trim pieces.
    The rear, which is overly rounded, has no features save for lettering, a bumper-mounted plate, and very simplistic taillights.
    The headlights are small, dim, and lacking in detail.
    There's no badge or lettering on the front.
    The wheels and interior are very low-poly and have practically no textures, and what textures do exist are crude and not detailed.
    The engine looks like it was created in Roblox, as well as having no starter sounds and pooerly done soundConfigs.

    Now some more problems:

    There's no universal wheel or steering wheel support.
    It has five configs, two of which are locked behind a paywall.
    There's almost nothing in the way of extra parts. No racing seats, racing bumpers or trim, no non-6-speed manual transmissions, no spoilers,
    The radiator, among other parts, is not viewable, interchangeable, or removeable.
    There's only two skins, one of which is just a pair of stripes, and not including the test one.
    Several parts clearly used for development are still present, making the mod feel unfinished.
    The parts in the part selector don't follow the same detail and naming convention as stock vehicles, and there are several sloppy details. Examples include having the doors just be named "Left" and "Right," several missing spaces like "BootLid," "AntiRoll," and "StrutBrace," abbreviated parts like "ABS," "ESC," and "Std Steering," and the lack of capitalization on both the front and rear brakes.

    In conlusion: It's an okay mod worthy of the repo just like the R60, but the devs placed it on a pedestal even though it wasn't at a high enough quality yet. The problem is, a huge part of the backlash is based around the paid tier thing, so any legitimate criticism apart from "it's ugly" is likely to be ignored.
  8. RR111
    Version: 1.0.2
  9. sky-man-dan
    Version: 1.0.2
    This mod looks good, and drives well. The j.beam is not so good, it's not smooth and feels stiff.

    Paid DLC is not the way we want to see BeamNG going, it is totally unfair on all the hard work others have put into creating some of the amazing content we currently have.

    Hopefully in the future this mod will be improving.
  10. (GNG) [S.PLH] wearyNATE15
    (GNG) [S.PLH] wearyNATE15
    Version: 1.0.2
    The drive modes and the screen are very good. They look like they could be dev quality. However, on the other hand, the car looks like it was ripped straight from Automation, you can't select any wheels other than the ones in your mod, lack of tuning parts or configs, no type of power steering option or sliders, and the most obvious part... Paid DLC
  11. some
    Version: 1.0.2
    Finally a step in the right direction! Now all we need is mods to implement a mechanism for payments and downloads for the paid mods!

    Aside from the paywall that I have been hoping for... Nice mod!
  12. brien_w
    Version: 1.0.2
    Not my favorite mod ever released but a good one nonetheless. The gauge cluster is amazing, and by far my favorite part of this mod. I support your decision to make a part of it payed, and might buy it although I’m more into base models rather than race and rally. I do have a few suggestions:

    1. Now that I know how to make thumbnails this doesn’t concern me, but making them match the dev white ones would be nice.

    2. It would be nice to have automatic and manual versions for each config, it’s easy to change but could improve the mod.

    That’s all my suggestions. Great mod overall, and I’m excited to see what you make next.
  13. MegaEpicDaniel 2
    MegaEpicDaniel 2
    Version: 1.0.2
    High quality mod with few problems, such as door panels that are way too strong and takes a bit of effort to rip them off and the Jbeam seems to be wonky. Other than that, I really love the multifunction instrument cluster. @ people who are freaking out of the paywall situation; It’s his choice whenever to do that or not. The paywall of his mod is far different from a typical Pay-to-Win as this mod doesn't help you win anything, sure it gives you a beefed up car, but there's no rank system in the game and it's basically a dollar to get the DLC which is nothing. I really cannot stand the P2W system on a lot of games, but this isn't it.
  14. falcon xr8
    falcon xr8
    Version: 1.0.2
    Not to bad.
    ONE thing is paid DLC.. Really.. I understand it takes time and money to make cars. But what about other Modders ( Bit unfair ) BUT I see why I wont go on about that.

    The car drives well and cashes pretty well.
    But still needs some minor work,

    4 Star without DLC paid.

    3 with it

    ( not paying to get mods )

    Maybe make a offer to donate, Sure you may not get as much money

    But 1 you will ( 80% chance )
    2 More respect on herer
  15. LJ Designs
    LJ Designs
    Version: 1.0.2
    I have no idea how you got the suspension jbeam to be so smooth and nice
    The dash is just amazing and must've taken a whole bunch of work so good job.

    Anyways, about the paid part.
    People need to stop complaining and calling it "paid mods". It's basically a dlc not the whole mod being paid. It's basically like donating but you get something back, no one complains about modders who add a donate section to their mods .

    Overall the mod is great and good luck with future modding!
  16. Kueso
    Version: 1.0.2
    Fantastic job!
    I will blow past the BS and get straight into what i like, and what i think needs improvement.

    What i like:
    -Normal mapped panel gaps. thank you so much.
    -a great chassis for handling. it kicks out, and turns in. it loves to be played with and is very stiff for being an open top, which i love.
    -wonderful design. Though some things need some polishing on the exterior mesh wise, the mere concept of the design the R20 has just blown me away. Completely distinctive to Raven, and shares no design ques from anything IRL. 10/10
    -and by far my favorite part, the interior. Its such a quality, nice place to be, with the awesome digital dashboard. The interactivity is such a neat feature, and to be given to us for free? Man i am super thankful.

    What needs improvement:
    -The rear quarter panel area (including that section of the bumper) is a bit wonky. I'm nit-picking here lol.
    -engine models need some work, but i bet you are getting to that.
    -the exhaust is the same mesh as the engine, and isn't attached to the actual tips. kinda weird imo.
    -The I4 engine doesnt seem to have an exhaust sound at the back of the car like the V6, nor does it have an updated starter sound like the V6 does.

    A lot of that was me nit-picking, but i really do want to see this mod get even better and better.
    Love the content and keep it coming my guy!
  17. sjbphoto
    Version: 1.0.2
    Great mod! I also feel obligated to give 5 stars to counter act the special people who got mad over paid bonuses. The mod itself is FREE, and if you support ONE DOLLAR you get some bonuses, you dont have to pay for the actual mod itself, so whats the big deal.
  18. CorndogCrusader
    Version: 1.0.2
    Paid mods? People hated it when Bethesda did it, what makes you think we'll change our minds about you?
  19. Raider
    Version: 1.0.2
    Keep up good work
  20. mrsmash
    Version: 1.0.2
    Great mod overall, however the exterior seems a little bit plastic and bland, like an automation car (not that I’m comparing this mod to an automation car). dashboard and gauge cluster are epic. paywall dlc thingy is a big no no
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