Raven R20

The answer isn't always Miata.

  1. aljowen
    Raven R20

    Included Content

    • Raven R20 (I4 Turbo, Petrol, Manual) [221hp]
    • Raven R20S (V6, Petrol, Manual) [297hp]
    • Raven R20 Track Day (V6, Petrol, Sequential) [297hp]

    Supporter Tier Content
    If you wish to support my work, you can purchase the Raven R20 "Supporter Edition".
    The "Supporter Edition" adds the Race Pro and Rally models. Both of these models feature a widebody kit with changed suspension geometry.
    The R20 Race Pro is easy to drive and blisteringly quick. The R20 Rally model is a bit of a handful, but very satisfying when you get it right.
    • Raven R20 Rally (V6, Petrol, Sequential) [297hp]
    • Raven R20 Race Pro (V6 Turbo, Petrol, Sequential) [407hp]
    You can find out more here: https://www.alwyn.tech/~r20_purchase.html

    race.jpg screenshot_2020-01-07_17-28-30.png

    • Original fictional design
    • Fully custom physics skeleton
    • Purpose designed chassis and suspension geometry
    • Interactive multifunction digital drivers display
    • Drive modes (affecting throttle maps and ESC/TCS)
    • Much improved overall quality vs the Raven R60 :)

    Digital Dashboard Tutorial

    Driving Tips
    • The Raven R20 is a front engined, rear wheel drive car. This means that under heavy throttle loads, the rear end can lose traction.
      • When turning, be careful with the throttle.
      • When going over major crests, be aware that the rear end will have reduced traction. As such it can often be a good idea to reduce throttle when you are going over a crest to prevent oversteer from occurring.
    • If you find the R20 sport difficult to drive, give the base model a try, the i4 engine is still very capable, but with easier throttle control. You can also try putting the car into "eco" mode for a more relaxed throttle response.
    • The best way to experience the Raven R20 is with a good quality steering wheel and pedal set.
    • Using a Gamepad also works well, just remember to be gentle with the inputs, it is easy to over-correct a slide.
    • You can use a keyboard to drive the Raven R20, just be aware that you have reduced control over the vehicle. As such you may find driving at a slightly reduced pace more enjoyable.

    • The 4cyl engine found in the base model is the same unit found inside the Raven R60 Sport model.
    • The outer dimensions of the car are quite similar to an MX5. However, not all dimensions are the same, the wheelbase for example is longer with the wheels pushed further towards the corners.

    screenshot_2019-12-29_17-17-14.png screenshot_2019-12-29_15-41-57.png screenshot_2020-01-07_18-24-44.png upload_2020-1-7_18-27-59.png

    Thank you to @roy99669 for user testing at many stages throughout development.
    Thank you to @Ai'Torror for getting universal wheels working​

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Recent Reviews

  1. 8lastMeOff
    The looks are a bit blank but the Jbeam is outstanding bro! Good job!
    Why ask us to pay for content? Honestly the free content isn't enough for us to enjoy it. But I feel like that isn't an important thing to knock stars off.
  2. Driv3r1142
    I was half tempted to knock some stars off of the mod simply because of the "Supporter Tier" concept and the sheer lack of textural detail (Normal maps primarily,) though I refuse to act like all the other entitled kids here.

    This mod doesn't deserve the bad rap everyone's giving it. Is it perfect? No. Are paid mods a good idea? It's most certainly intriguing, I have mixed feelings both as a content creator and someone who enjoys trying out new mods, but I won't discourage you from trying it.

    Where the car lacks in visual detail, it makes up for it in the engineering. The difference between a mesh slap with amazing visuals and a high quality mod with average visuals is the JBeam, and this mod's JBeam is spectacular. It's far better than simply being "an automation car with an interior" as one user put it.

    This is a work of art, and its creation was certainly a labor of love.

    If I could afford it I'd purchase the Supporter Edition, but what comes with the base mod is certainly extremely enjoyable :)

    Aljoween, I would seriously focus on adding normal mapped panel gaps or beveling the edges manually, it will go a very long way towards helping improve the visual quality. The model itself is great, but the lack of gaps makes it feel unfinished.

    Great work as always, and I hope the paid content system you're trying out works for you :)
  3. appesh1
    great mod, please make more.
  4. BlondeOfHazzard
    This is not good enough to justify needing to pay for some configs. It is like an Automation mod with an interior. The dashboard is good, but the rest is average
  5. Poseidon 2
    Poseidon 2
    Giving 5 stars because of the people who downvoted for the handling, its not that bad, get good. Other parts, forced induction etc would be nice, even if its not widebody or part of a config.
  6. STICH666
    This is an amazing first go! The model is still rough and there are some parts that are too strong or too malleable such as the tie-rods and the control arms which would snap in an impact and not generally bend too much. That being said this thing drives phenomenally well. It only took me half a lap of Hirochi circuit to figure out its handling characteristics. Tons of fun with a wheel and a controller alike. Keep up the good work!
    Traction? What traction?
  8. Angry_Bird
    The Raven R20S V6 is insanely quick as fast, I tested it that it can reach 200 MPH! Please release more free mods!
  9. GotNoLimbs!
    Normally i'd rate this a three or a four due to the visual aspect of the car, but I'm rating it a five to counter-act the children who continue to complain about the patreon tier.
    Also go go me universal wheels.
  10. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Nice, but when the engine detached, it still can drive and of course faster because the weight from the engine was gone. But i like it somehow...
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