Quick & go Roadblock hideout / Called in for work Scenarios 1.0

Adds 2 long and fun scenarios in West Coast USA

  1. RayznGames
    Quick&Go: Roadblock hideout - Called in for work Scenarios ┬┐Collection?


    Hi im Ray, never thought i could be doing this but i am,,Ejem, i found out that there is not much use of some few little streets and sections of West Coast in scenarios section, like crossing thru' the burger shop, so, i decided to make my own scenario, and if you like it, im gonna make more, with some better features,


    • Roadblock hideout Antique quick&go
    • Called in for work New
    • Roadblock Hideout (**Good System requiremente)
      • Added possibility to choose your car before starting
      • Added Proper beginner racer Ibishu Covet (Fast and sketchy)
      • Completly redone the purpose of the scenario as well as the main story. Now you're in a sort of roadblock chase with the cops
      • Added 7 Police cars (May affect performance)
      • Added Police Siren Sound effect when car is hearabe.
      • Added multiple roadblocks,
      • Added in track roadblock barriers with physics (Collidable)
      • Placed first jump a few inches better
      • Removed highway roadblock jump
      • Removed 2nd checkpoint construction props
      • Resized/placed water canal checkpoint.
      • Now difficulty is higher.

    • Called in for work
      • Added scenario
      • Possibility to choose your car before starting
      • Go to work! Choose your path! And Is there! (Yellow marker)
    I invite you to disable nothing now, cuz i klnow thanks to one of you how to do the vehicle selection.

    If you like it i may make more, the goal of the collection is to create longer stages and more challenging (More time extends the danger, overheat of things can be a problem) using more widely the variety that beamng brings to us, so we can all enjoy beamng!

    I leave you a video i created myself playing it with the FullSimSet: Wheel + clutch + manual gearbox, it ends up being a bit challenging but else from that is so fun!


    Thanks for your time. It's my first one so don't be rude.

    Pssst, leave me some feedback about it and tell me what i can improve or what can i do for the next one.


    1. pic4.jpg
    2. pic5.jpg
    3. pic6.jpg
    4. pic8.jpg
    5. pic9.jpg
    6. called1.jpg
    7. update3.jpg
    8. update4.jpg
    9. update6.jpg
    10. update.jpg
    11. update2.jpg
    12. update5.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. locualo
    Version: 1.0
    good, not great
  2. Gamergull
    Version: 0.8
    Nicely done! I didn't expect the run to be over 6 minutes long. There were quite a lot of interesting sections to drive through. I had a few issues, though. I had trouble seeing the barriers at a few of the intersections (near the diner), so I pretty much ran into them. Maybe add big signs there? Also, I got lost after the canals, I had to spin around to find that the next waypoint was behind me. Overall, I had fun. Keep working at it!

    By the way, take a look at BeamNG's Dam Jump scenario .json file to find out how to do a selectable vehicle.
    1. RayznGames
      Author's Response
      Thank you!, Nice thanks for letting me know your experience!will move a bit the canal checkpoint as you said you can't see it so its basically a choice you do 50% will add some signals as well to let people know there are barriers! Next update is the major 1.0
  3. PolishPetrolhead
    Version: 0.8
    The layout is enjoyable, but the story makes it feel unnecessary. If you're called in for work you would take the shortest route, not a detour around the entire map through the tightest and most inconvenient spots. I'm also not a fan of the self destructive jumps, the one on the highway and the jump down to the water canal. Overall fun tho
    1. RayznGames
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback! Understand, i know it feels unnecessary, i just try to keep people engaged about going quick, anyway, im updating the file to 0.9 adressing major problems with jumps As you said its stupid to go all arround i know i was intending to block everything but I don't have enough time may do it in a few days., and thanks I may think about creating an open version as you said to choose yourself the fastest path its easier than his version. Have a nice day!
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