Qoobio 1.0

A small compact car. Let's go out packed like sushi!

  1. taa
    The Qoobio is a small passenger car released in 2007.
    It has a small hatchback shape, and the engine to be installed is
    Because it is very small with a 658cc naturally aspirated engine and its acceleration performance is terrible.
    It didn't sell at all with a new car, but now it's
    This vehicle boasts a large number of units sold in the used car market. It is for purchase by people in developing countries and poor young people who are being exploited.
    screenshot_2022-05-01_15-24-22.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-24-37.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-24-50.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-25-01.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-25-11.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-25-21.png

Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 1.0
    reminds me of the yaris!
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