Unsupported Pull harder T-Series! 2

Tougher, Stronger powertrain for the T-Series

  1. Jurrunio
    First of all, please check out AR162B's T-Series mod.

    I had a great time playing around with his mod, hauling tonnes of stuff around and ramming other cars occasionally (ok, a lot). However, there's a big problem: Lack of engine power. AR162B only included 1 more engine: a race engine and a 5-speed gearbox. Not very good at doing heavy work. With the original engine, it doesn't go fast, and often overheats and breaks down. Therefore, I made this mod, only by changing the numbers. The new powertrain is designed to do heavy work, so please don't compare it with other mods designed to compete with time

    List of added parts:
    -Engine: a bit more base torque, nearly 4x the turbo pressure (150psi max).
    -Gearbox: 12-speed automatic. Why? Not many people have the patience for that much gear changes (unless you are a semi driver). Made of tungsten for absolute perfection in power-transferring efficiency.
    -Others: Welded differentials for both rear axles. Standard and extended driveshaft are now made of carbon nanotubes. (Just kidding, but they surely are just as strong!). Improved cooling and engine health, so you won't break your engine before you trash the semi (or things that dare stay on your path)
    -Custom config: 3 axle semi with all modded parts. No uplifts.

    Top (air) speed: 250km/h or 155mph (limited by gear ratio).
    With contained configuration, 0-100km/h takes 12.5s [18.4s] (tap-n-go in arcade automatic) / 11.3s [point of gear change is very subjective] (rev, gain full turbo rpm and bang the clutch)
    With 5 logs on Stinger Trailer from AR162B's mod (27217.34kg), 0-100km/h takes 36s (tap-n-go in arcade automatic) / 34.7s (rev, gain full turbo rpm and bang the clutch). Just for comparison, the race engine used 64 seconds to reach 64km/h and the original one maxed out at 48km/h.

    Things to take note:
    Silly turbocharger pressure: Making tonnes of power from the original engine without a silly turbocharger is unrealistic.
    Gear change is slow: Tungsten is heavy.
    Friction value of tyres is unchanged: More grip means more flip. Not necessary anyway.
    The gear ratio is not perfectly in the power band: Good enough to deal with 90% of the jobs thrown at it.
    The turbocharger pressure gauge does not show 150psi: I don't know how to solve it.

    To do list:
    -Gear ratio tuning: Fit the power band to pull the most weight with the same torque
    -Weight adjustments: More weight to realistically show the drawbacks of such high quality parts
    -Renaming parts: Current naming logic is that welding gives metal 1000x of strength
    -Possibility to apply the config from the vehicle selector directly and picture (if requested)
    -Things requested (if there are any)

    That's all for now and enjoy!
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  1. Fixes and more parts

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  1. Thrakarzod
    Version: 2
    it would be cool if you could do this for other cars

    great mod
  2. baddream
    Version: 2
    always good to see t series mods on here. makes the covet into a pancake when hitting in at full throttle.
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