Beta Porsche Panamera MK1 (2009-2016) 2.2

German 4-door coupè.

  1. italy0047
    I tried to replicate the Porsche Panamera MK1 from 2009.
    It is the "Panamera" model, the first one.

    Engine Type: V6;
    6-speed manual transmission
    Power: 310 hp 6200 RPM;
    Max tourque: 382.4 Nm 4800 RPM;
    Top speed: 256 km/h;
    0-100: 6,3 secs.
    Horn 7
    Ceramic brakes

    Alluminium body and AHS steel chassis;
    Double Wishbone (F), Semi Trailing Arm (R);
    Weight: 1757 Kg;
    Wheelbase: 1,90m

    Sometimes the engine turns off while using the handbrake while acelerating;
    The headlights flashes light blue;
    The car has to arrive at 259 km/h but it goes at 262;
    It could be a 5-minutes mod
    screenshot_2020-12-10_13-19-44.png screenshot_2020-12-10_13-19-31.png screenshot_2020-12-10_13-19-56.png screenshot_2020-12-10_13-20-06.png

    Leave a comment, enjoy!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Blub
    Version: 2.2
    I like it. Still better than my automation mods. ;-)
    1. italy0047
      Author's Response
      Yours has no effort but aso mine sucks too ;-)
  2. carlover6x6
    Version: 1.1
    Kinda looks eh but is still pretty goood
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