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    Poni Motors proudly introduces the Dash. This hypercar is powered by our patented 6.0 "Rainboom" V12 Twin Turbo engine, which puts down a massive 1012 HP and clocks a top speed of 355 KM/h (220 MPH).

    This two-seater vehicle is both fast and easy to drive as it is AWD.

    The Dash is our fastest vehicle available so far and offers the best quality-price in the hypercar market.

    Technical Specifications:

    Doors: 2
    Seats: 2
    Lenght: 4,68 m
    Engine type: V12 DOHC
    Drivetrain: Midlongitudinal AWD
    Gearbox options: 7 speed sequential
    Weight: 2199 Kg
    Power: 1012 HP @ 7800 RPM
    0-100: 2.70s
    1/4 mile: 10.27s
    Rev Limiter: 8.800 RPM
    Aspiration: Twin Turbo
    Fuel System: Direct Injection
    Fuel tank capacity: 75 Liters (20 Gallons)
    Minimum fuel type: 95 Octane fuel
    Recommended fuel type: 98 Octane fuel
    Average fuel consumption: 18l/100km (13 mpg)
    Top Speed: 355 KM/h (220 MPH)

    Price:210.160 EUR ($245,875)

    The Poni Dash is available in the following colors:

    Poni Blue (FREE)
    Bubble Gray (FREE)
    Confident Yellow (200 EUR)
    Jet Black (200 EUR)
    Dragon Green (500 EUR)
    Midnight Purple (400 EUR)
    Race Red (200 EUR)
    Rapid Blue (1000) EUR
    Rare White (FREE)
    Royal Blue (900 EUR)
    Royal White (900 EUR)
    Sunset Orange (300 EUR)


    Known issues
    -it can be pretty FPS intensive because custom badge fixtures don't work right now, so I had to use a high poly 3d object for the badges. I will change it once custom badges work again


Recent Reviews

  1. Bolt2407_Beamfan
    Version: 1.0
    Shut up and take my Euros!
  2. discord's car styling
    discord's car styling
    Version: 1.0
    fast3r th8n flutt3rshy
  3. The_Tekkit_101 2
    The_Tekkit_101 2
    Version: 1.0
    Good everything. Except that name. Why do you have to bring that here?
    1. JFXAM
      Author's Response
      Because I can
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