Beta Paz 900R 1.0

A cheap fun family car produced in 1963.

  1. Waffle9
    A small Slovak car made in the east part of the Czech republic in 1963 now known as Slovakia its was a cheap fun family car and was a convertible it featured a 2196 cc or 62.9 HP OHV 2V 90° V6 mounted at the rear of the vehicle Its as Steel panels A Monocoque Chassi made out of Steel A Rear Longitudinal Engine Placement Front and Rear Suspention is MacPherson Strut so it is very affordable costing only $2,761 Its sold very well and had a good top speed of 80.8 MPH and its also had a Am radio as standard and lap seat belts as standard as well as dual exhausts and dual reverse flow mufflers. but now they a very rare cars so drive carefully and also have fun. Tips on driving the Paz 900R the brakes so when you are driving on low speeds the brakes don't lock up but the car does slow down but at high speeds they do lock up and it sorta oversteers not a lot though have fun I hope you enjoy. Also I thought the black and white picture would fit it since its an old car but the color is a very nice light blue. HiResPhoto8.png

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  1. Coshei
    Version: 1.0
    I love it :)
    1. Waffle9
      Author's Response
      Thank you
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