Pack Traffic Cars 6.0

Automation vehicles for traffic

  1. New Update V 6.0

    Add: 4 news vehicles
    Add: 2 skins
  2. New Update V 5.0

    Add news 3 Cars.
    Add new 1 Skin.
    Update Solar Venger RX.
    Update Caval-RY Linia and Varoder Police.
  3. New V 4.0

    Add: Kirutso Baris, Solar Venger, Cevedi Farmer and Cevedi California.
    Add 2 Skins Police.
    Add All Statistics Vehicles.
  4. Add: Tokoto Katsu, Howlfer Lager SJ7, Valandak Rampage. Update: Caval-RY Varoder

    Tokoto Katsu:
    HiResPhoto23.png HiResPhoto24.png

    Howlfer Lager SJ7:
    HiResPhoto25.png HiResPhoto26.png

    Valandak Rampage:
    HiResPhoto27.png HiResPhoto28.png

    Update Caval-RY Varoder:
    HiResPhoto31.png HiResPhoto32.png

    Pack 3:
    HiResPhoto29.png HiResPhoto30.png
  5. Add 1 car and 3 skins

    I add a Cevedi Cargo News, Caval-RY Linia Taxi and Caval-RY Varoder SUV.
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