Beta Pacenotes Core 0.102

Co-driver with UI symbols.

  1. Dummiesman
    Pacenotes Core
    This is the pace notes core, required for level/maps/scenarios/quickraces that use pacenotes

    How do I use this?
    Just install this mod into your game. PLEASE NOTE This is the pace notes system core only, and you'll need to download one of the suggested pace note configurations listed below to hear pace notes.

    Pace Note Configurations - Pace notes for East Coast USA Quick Races, Utah Quick Races, and Automation Test Track Quick Races

    How To Get the UI App To Show up
    1. Load into a supported level / quick race / scenario. Supported quick races/ levels / scenarios have a Notepad icon on them in the menu.
    2. Press SHIFT+ALT+U to open the UI app editor
    3. Click the + button
    4. Search for "pacenotes" and add this app at the top of you screen
    5. Done! Next time you load into this mode (quick race / scenario / etc) you'll see the icons along with the audible pace notes
    How Do I Create My Own?
    Check out HighDef's video tutorial:

    List of usable pace note lines:!AtlmYfeOMxoDhwRwEHjKWRfdVfyg

    Thumbnail overlay image:

    UI development and Lua extension development
    @HighDef: Recording over 100 awesome sounding voice lines for use with the system, as well as being the guinea pig for testing and the first to create quick races with this mod.​

Recent Updates

  1. Fix for 0.23
  2. Bugfix
  3. Minor fix

Recent Reviews

  1. lellolillili
    Version: 0.102
    Hey man this is awesome. I made my own voice with everything you have there and and beyond (100 more calls). Would be cool if I can give you my samples and config file so you can merge it with your mod.
  2. HighDef
    Version: 0.102
    Thanks for the fix. New sound set coming soon. I worked on it before but lost my progress faffing with my temp folder.
  3. Nikki21P
    Version: 0.101
    i love this mod but i can't get my own pacenotes to work followed the torturial highdef said to contact you because of the updated BeamNG might have something to do with it i wish the devs made this so it wouldn't have to be thir-party implemented keep up the good work
  4. JVLS
    Version: 0.101
    Should be an official feature, amazing
  5. SouthernPotato
    Version: 0.101
    Perfect, a great system for BeamNG
  6. fylosofe
    Version: 0.101
    I just create an account to be able to thank you for this amazing work !
    With this mod, beam becomes the new RichardBurnRally !!!
    May the dev team see that and jump on the occasion to integrate it fully in the game and make the last step to have the best rally simulator since more than a decade !!!!
    Congratulation for this work , again and again !
  7. aroach2005
    Version: 0.101
    I would give this a 10/10! This is one of most needed mods if you want to get Beamng Drive, it adds more realism, makes rallying better, and is compatible with a lot of stages! Only take back is that there is no calls for tires going flat and there is no calls for when you crash. I cant wait for this to be updated for Italy, Jungle Rock Island, and many other stages on different maps! This is a must need mod if you want to make you rally racing more like DiRT's rally racing.
  8. RobertGracie
    Version: 0.101
    This mod should be added to the game, its just that good!
  9. sergiopt04
    Version: 0.101
    amazing, only thing that could possibly make it better would be maybe crash response sounds?
  10. Wirayudha Gani
    Wirayudha Gani
    Version: 0.10
    wow is amazing
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