Alpha Oxxron A-10 0.2

Base model 50s car

  1. Jbean
    The first model produced by Oxxron Inc
    -may now work
    please tell if not work

    -Interior parts will fly out if you hit something hard enough
    -idk, comment any other stuff

    Future stuff:
    -Making the Jbeam more realistic
    -fixing the stupid flying seats
    -textures, maybe
    coming next: Oxxron M-Series (dec. 29-jan. 10)
    (ok, im late, but im working on something much better, the M-series will come out eventually)
    Update: July 4 2022: Forgot what i was working on

Recent Updates

  1. update, i guess. first version no work

Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 0.2
    i like the styling
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