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Old Painting-Services Van 1.0

A old and rusty Painting-Services Van

  1. Rotfell
    You always wanted to drive a old and rusted painter van?
    With this Mod you can do it!

    Soon I will add an bad engine for it :D

    screenshot_00180.png screenshot_00182.png

    - Installation
    Just drop the ZIP into your Mods folder or press the Install button

    - Don't reupload without my permission

    If you have some Skin ideas, write me a PM!

    Do you enjoy my work? Then it will be nice if you leave a good rating :D

    Have Fun!
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Recent Reviews

  1. SteelDst
    Version: 1.0
    Can you make a sort of Tactical like SWAT Skin please otherwise Good looking skin!!! :D
  2. McBeard
    Version: 1.0
    Nice skin, I love it when people show the ONLY van in the game some love.
    1. Rotfell
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