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Alpha (Old Mod Special) Zombie Techians Packages 0.1 First Release!

Spelt wrong because I'm lazy.

  1. umustbeloggedintododat
    Hi! This was some old mod I made but never released it. I decided to do more cars to it.
    List of Cars
    Gavril Barstow (new) (Zombie Techians Package - It Might Look Normal In The Back...)
    Wentward DT40L (was in original) (Zombie Techians Package - This is NOT a City Bus Now)

    Ibishu 200BX (new) (Zombie Techians Package - Zombie Drift Killer)
    1989 Ibishu Pessima (was in original) (Zombie Techians Package - The Killer)
    Gavril D-Series (was in original) (Zombie Techians Package - The Doorless Man)
    ETK 800 Series (new) (WILL BE IN THE NEXT UPDATE)
    More coming soon!!!


Recent Updates

  1. Not really an update just adding clear images

Recent Reviews

    Version: 0.1 First Release!
    anyway good mod ;P
    1. umustbeloggedintododat
  2. Jeremy_GR
    Version: 0.1 First Release!
    no pic , no click
    1. umustbeloggedintododat
      Author's Response
      check the updates
  3. carsmin
    Version: 0.1 First Release!
    cool mod!
    1. umustbeloggedintododat
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