Experimental Offroad fuel tank for T-series semi 1.0

Offroad fuel tank for T-Series semi

  1. fufsgfen
    This simple mod adds fuel tank upfit for T-series.

    When going offroad with T-series fuel tanks are always breaking, so now with trail truck inspired fuel tank you can go over large rocks without issues (Custom 6x6 powertrain and offroad suspension NOT included, that is not ready yet).

    Fuel tank is designed to be safe in racing use, we don't want to cause diesel oil contamination to nature, also it will be very hard to get this thing burning.

    Placement over rear axles adds weight to driven wheels as well as balances weight distribution nicely, tank holds 900 liters of diesel and of course adds that fuel's weight to vehicles weight, use tuning menu to lower amount of fuel if needed.

    Of course you can have original fuel tanks with this offroad fuel tank which would double the range of your truck, but who would need 1800 liters of diesel?

    Damage is ugly, I need to learn bit more jbeam to get tank even stronger so that it is not getting damaged at all, it is safety tank after all.

    When you crash, tank gets bit loose, that is by design, I could of added more beams to hold it place, but I kinda liked that so decided to not add more beams to hold tank in place.

    Report any problems in discussions tab.

Recent Reviews

  1. Alex_The_Gamer
    Version: 1.0
    T-series trial lel
  2. Peter Beamo
    Peter Beamo
    Version: 1.0
    The texture might not so good but u release it! Good job man!
    1. fufsgfen
      Author's Response
      Yeah, texture is really terrible, I have no idea how to specular, normal and all that + it would need some rivets or something, I'm not good at graphical stuff, but it's usable placeholder for now and at least the thing works :D
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