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Alpha Northern Lights 0.5.4

A heightmap generated tropical island map for boat, plane and off-road car scenarios.

  1. HighDef
    This map is made using a 4096x4096 at 2 meters per pixel heightmap generated by L3DT. The idea is that it's very large to make for semi realistic land/air/water courier scenarios.

    There are 4 airports laid out and there will be many harbors and docks for boats (when a decent one becomes available).

    There are only some trees, bushes and rocks scattered on the land, more detail will be added.

    There is a scenario where you have to deliver a package in a Me262 Jet, you require this mod to play it:

    Everything is basic at the moment but that will be changing over time.

    I am not the best at arty things, I just wanted to make these heightmap levels for function such as making scenarios and bus routes. If any of you would like to help make these levels look better I would welcome your help. Leave a message in the discussions tab. Thanks.

Recent Updates

  1. Courier run 2
  2. Fix
  3. Airports and packages

Recent Reviews

  1. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: 0.5.4
    By land, by air, and by sea.
    Okay that needs to be a scenario.
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