Experimental New York City Regional Vanity Plate 2.0!!!

A vintage-themed license plate exclusively for New Yorkers

  1. Derp_de_Herp
    This is a special plate with a little decal featuring the Twin Towers, and with your borough name on the bottom (sadly, I could only find a good image of a Manhattan Plate. Sorry, fellow Queens Bros!)

    Features Include:
    • A very nice decal on the left of Downtown Manhattan pre-9/11
    • Based off a high-resolution scan of a real plate* to ensure high-quality results!
    • Custom algorithm and positioning (which I spent many frustrating hours on) meaning that the text is automatically(!) pushed to the right and can be generated (using the button to the right of the license plate section of the vehicle parts configuration menu) randomly in a fashion that is exactly like the real-life plate (3 letters followed by 3 numbers, with no spaces between them) without you having to do A THING!
    • Oh yeah...Did I mention a plate with cool-ass 80s/90s vibes??? That you can now stick onto your cool-ass 80s/90s or whatever decade virtual whip???
    ^(randomly-generated text!!!)

    Thank y'all for reading, and I hope you download this mod and enjoy the plate as much as I do!

    *(oh yeah sooo the only reason I don't have my own plate like this one is because I'm too broke to pay the like $200+taxes n stuff registration fees for NYC (which also has its own vehicle usage tax separate from those of the state) and so all I can get for the crapcan car in my avatar/profile picture are Vermont Antique Plates (which you can get by mail quite cheaply AND without proof of insurance btw (but you're still supposed to have insurance, as they say you assert by signing the form)))

    If you find yourself enjoying this mod, please leave a good review whenever you can, along with any constructive criticism, advice, or issues you may have, and you can be sure to expect more high-quality content from me!
    If you don't find yourself enjoying this mod, please hit me up with whatever issues you have and I'll try to take care of them ASAP, or else I'm a lame-o!

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  1. MAJOR UPDATE!!!!!

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  1. koffo
    Version: 2.0!!!
    This made me feel erotic, thank you for bringing me joy!
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