Experimental Naorl Crawler Torque Converter & more 1.0.24

Crawler Torque Converter, 5.3 LS Engine And stage 4 Supercharger

  1. xnx1985
    This is a Crawler Torque Converter that will let you crawl on idle RPM.
    It is especially good for one that plays with Keyboards and doesn't have the sensitivity that game controller can provide.

    All you need to do is use an automatic gearbox, select the Crawler torque converter, put it in low range, and let the vehicle climb by itself.
    It recommended to use realistic gearbox (Q key to switch and Z & X to change between gears) so the vehicle will stay in Drive mode.

    Also - This mod come with a 5.3L LS 320HP engine with high torque
    And a Stage 4 Supercharger
    And an Ultra heavy stage 1 long block
    And a dual high performance radiators
    all this combined provide more than 2000 HP

    torqueconverter.jpg BeamNGdrivex642022-02-2823-22-09.jpg BeamNGdrivex642022-03-0111-14-29.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Lozza122
    Version: 1.0.24
    Really good mod, one issue I've noticed is the torque converter goes out of drive, almost like its going to stall? Used with the D-series swivel frame mod, nix 36" tyres, 6sp auto gerbox.
    Heaps of fun regardless, I actually have the time to setup good camera angles to watch it crawl!
    1. xnx1985
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) if you use a realistic gearbox (Q key) it will not go out of drive
  2. Cytotoxin
    Version: 1.0.24
    Absolutely great mod,thank you so much! Love offroading in beamng
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.0.24
    smol ls go weeeeeeee
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