nano N2 1.0

Eco Kei wagon that adopted the CVT sold in 2006!

  1. taa
    The nano N2 is a Kei wagon released in 2006.
    Based on the old model, the design has been changed to be more stylish.
    Adopting a sliding door,
    A CVT transmission has been adopted to reduce fuel consumption and noise.
    Based on the interior of the previous model, the interior has been improved to a cute interior that women love by adopting bright colors, and the ceiling is equipped with interior lights that work with headlights.
    It can accommodate up to 4 people and is ideal for going out with a small family or for a second car.
    This vehicle was generated by Automation.
    The interior is not perfect. (Steering does not work)
    Also, the vehicle transmission is not an official Automation,
    I modified jbeam and it may be buggy.
    If you find any bugs, please report them.
    Enjoy driving!
    HiResPhoto12.png HiResPhoto13.png HiResPhoto14.png HiResPhoto15.png
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