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Mr Beam's Cominturismo 1.0

Fastest Man Alive.

  1. TheHumanRat
    "Do-It-Yourself Mr. Beam" is the ninth episode of the unknown series 'Mr.Beam'.
    In the episode Mr Beam sits atop a 1960 Cominturismo Stalin.

    Mr Beam's Cominturismo Stalin is simply your average Mini Cooper knock-off, powered by a 730bhp 2.8L T/C V12 with the car itself only weighing 720kg.

    How Beam drove this death trap on the roof is a miracle, as the Cominturismo Stalin is capable of a mediocre top speed of 340kmh.
    Wind tunnel data also suggests at the Stalin's top speed, is capable of producing 1017kg of downforce.

    Warranty void if Mr. Beam obliterates into tiny pieces.
    Warranty void if driven at all.

    Photo21.png Photo22.png Photo23.png Photo24.png Photo25.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Fanofgames
    Version: 1.0
    Cool mod! But what map is this?
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