Minato Crawl 1.3

A hard core rock crawling mountain map

  1. KevinMinato
    Screenshot663.jpg Screenshot661.jpg Screenshot662.jpg

    Minato Crawl

    A map made for specifically for Rock Crawling. This is my first map I have ever made but I put a lot of hard work and passion in to it.

    This map is designed for simulating some proper very slow controlled rock crawling. it is not designed for full throttle so I would highly recommend using a controller if you can. Rock crawling is all about choosing the correct line, having precise throttle control, and knowing when to use momentum and when not to.

    I challenge you to get to the top of the mountain without respawing or cheating. Small winch tows are allowed. It will take a lot of patients to not go fast and damage your vehicle but it is so satisfying to make it to the top realistically and without flipping.

    - use the Hopper "Custom" or "Crawler"
    - Lock the Diffs with ALT+D
    - Drive in low range with ALT+A
    - to use "winch" CTRL+click on vehicle

    Screenshot516.png Screenshot544.png Screenshot543.png Screenshot541.png Screenshot536.png Screenshot533.png

    I have taken the time to successfully complete every trail in both directions so do know that every trail is possible with the right vehicle set up.

    If you are using the stock vehicles from BeamNG, I would recommend using the Hopper "Crawler" and make sure to use low range and lock your front and rear diff.


    Screenshot522.png Screenshot530.png Screenshot528.png Screenshot518.png Screenshot513.png Screenshot511.png Screenshot510.png Screenshot509.png Screenshot538.png

    If you have any suggestions please let me know as I want to make this the best Rock crawling map for BeamNG.


Recent Reviews

  1. Offroader228
    Version: 1.3
    This made me immediately remember the old days, back in Rigs of Rods driving the off-white toyota hilux by Box 5 Diesel through some rocks. All on my old crappy 20fps laptop at night in my parent's RV while at an off road park waiting for the races the next day. This brought back memories of simpler times...Thank you for that
  2. RR111
    Version: 1.3
  3. Ksawery
    Version: 1.3
    Hol up where do I get that crawler gavril?
  4. Mr.Bot
    Version: 1.3
    Reminds me of the old 2013 maps
  5. carsmin
    Version: 1.3
    i cant wait to try this.
    I cant even do the old one!
  6. thegreatbarnaby
    Version: 1.3
    this map was already amazing and now better graphics, hell yeah
    1. KevinMinato
      Author's Response
      Awesome! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying it.
  7. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: 1.2
    Hey Dude! The Update was Helpfull an now the Map works Fine i like Driving with the Hopper on it thanks! Trees and everything Works! ;) Keep it up!
    1. KevinMinato
      Author's Response
      Thanks for trying the map again! Any reason why you did not give it 5 stars? Something I can work on?
  8. Bombine33 (Ger)
    Bombine33 (Ger)
    Version: 1.0
    I have the same issue as already mentioned, no trees or rocks are loading, but surprisingly i can see grass. I used the latest version (24 dec). I cleared the cache but that did not help.
    1. KevinMinato
      Author's Response
      Hello Bombine33, I have put out an update that resolves this issue. I would really appreciate trying the map again and changing your rating =)
  9. bobyb55
    Version: 1.0
    Its nice to see some real rock crawling map. havent seen a decent one since crawl central
  10. Elving
    Version: 0.9
    Looks sweet :) May i ask what mods are used for you D-series?
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