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Mess of vehicles made on Automation (20 vehicles) 1.4

Pack of awesome cars and some abominations

  1. Tun3rguy 911
    Presenting to you a pack of more than 12 cars including some sports cars, some compact cars and finally some random vehicles I made just for laughs

    Car List:

    Model 1 Trim 1: GT S600 R

    Model 2 Trim 2: Random FWD V8 Truck

    Model 3 Trim 3: Another abomination but this time, I didn't made the car but rather my friend Diego

    Model 4 Trim ?: GT SC325 Turbo AWD (also known as bubble car)

    Model 6 Trim ?: GT S650 R

    Model 7 Trim ?: Generic classic LeMans racecar

    Model 9 Trim ?: Devil Z replica (still needs some modifications on the engine and exterior)

    Model 10: Another abomination truck but this time is a AWD V8

    Model 10 v2: Model 10 but with a very soft suspension

    Model 11: GT S670 R (Model 6 but a bit better)

    Model 12: GT SH300 RS

    Model 14: GT RC270 Turbo

    Model 15: Model 12 but older (just like the 240Z, I will modify the vehicle since it is a little but too overpowered and I have to fix the rear tailights lol)

    Model 16: So here's something funny, here at Mexico there are these cars called Nissan Tsuru which are basically Nissan Sentra B13s but way cheaper, they're very popular in this country and very cheap which means that a lot of people own them, this car is very common at Mexico

    Model 16 v2: It is a taxi version of the same car, taxi drivers usually modify their cars aesthetically and they look very bad, worse than my representation.

    Model 17: GT S400 R (Model 6 but modern, and better)

    Model 18: Another FWD V8 beast, yes it's an abomination

    Turbo Ranfla SSS+++: Model 18 but with a WAY BETTER engine, also a new butt (SSS+++ is a reference to japanese games lol)

    Acura NSX: An attempt to make a NSX clone on the outside, I'll make it a well-made replica soon so stay tuned

    Car specs on pics!

    Quick note: The generic LeMans car is as wide as it can but somehow the car saved without the modifications and I couldn't adjust the width and that's why it looks very odd, sorry :(

    I couldn't take a photo to the Model 2 Trim 2 since for some reason is not on my garage at Automation

    Update: Added a new vehicle! Super Ranfla SSSS++++ Ultra Turbo V.69 Spec 420

    Now including
    AWD System
    7 Speed sequential gearbox
    An even better 10L V8 engine!
    A way better turbocharger!
    Even more lights so you can see!
    The vehicle is now made out of quality
    Still has that manual locker because you know, just in case...

    More details on pics!

    All update vehicles

    Version 1.3:
    *Super Ranfla SSSS++++ Ultra Turbo V.69 Spec 420

    Version 1.4:
    *Fairlady Z S30 "replica"


    1. Automation10_19_201910_21_59AM.png
    2. Automation10_19_201910_22_08AM.png
    3. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_35_14AM.png
    4. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_35_23AM.png
    5. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_35_50AM.png
    6. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_35_57AM.png
    7. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_36_22AM.png
    8. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_36_30AM.png
    9. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_36_55AM.png
    10. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_37_04AM.png
    11. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_38_07AM.png
    12. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_38_14AM.png
    13. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_40_04AM.png
    14. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_40_13AM.png
    15. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_40_47AM.png
    16. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_40_55AM.png
    17. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_41_18AM.png
    18. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_41_26AM.png
    19. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_41_49AM.png
    20. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_41_57AM.png
    21. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_42_23AM.png
    22. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_42_31AM.png
    23. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_43_03AM.png
    24. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_43_10AM.png
    25. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_43_32AM.png
    26. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_43_41AM.png
    27. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_44_14AM.png
    28. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_44_23AM.png
    29. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_44_56AM.png
    30. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_45_25AM.png
    31. EditResource_GTS400TT_BeamNG-GoogleChrome10_19_201910_45_33AM.png
    32. Automation10_22_201912_18_18PM.png
    33. Automation10_22_201912_18_27PM.png

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.2
    Very much a mess. 5 stars for title accuracy as well as some cool ones and some abominations. I particularly like the variety of this pack from "strictly JDM OEM ONLY" to "vodka"
    1. Tun3rguy 911
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot!! Soon I'll add more rides so stay tuned ;)
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