Outdated Mega Gavril Engine pack 2.2

60+ Engines and a ton of tuning and aftermarket parts for your Gavril vehicles

  1. Content update 2.2 and bug fixes

    -Fixed Grand Marshal and Van/H-Series crashing
    -Fixed pickup 291 pulley texture issue
    -Removed 4.8L Logo from pickup 291/353 EFI intakes
    -Added Early and Late Stage 1-3 Superchargers to pickup 291/353
    -Added Alder Performance 4BBL Carb and Dual-Carb Supercharger to pickup 291/353
    -Minor name changes
    -Fixed headers on pickup 291 (353 still not fixed)
    Screenshot638.png Screenshot634.png
  2. Content update 2 and bug fixes

    -Removed custom loading screens
    -Reduced file size

    -Fixed multiple textures, typos and other bugs
    -Added 4.8L & 5.8L Pushrod V8 with EFI (WIP)
    -Added 4.2L Supercharged Diesel V6
    -Added Clickin' and Clackin' 4.5L V8
    -Added Completely Fukt 5.6L V8 Crate Engine
    -Added Aftermarket ECU with Transmission Tuning
    -Tweaked ECUs on 5.1L V8
    -Changed 4.8L I6 from SOHC to OHV

    -Add new and...
  3. Update 2: Improvements to update 1

    -Improved entire mesh of pickup gas i4, added new headers
    -Fixed T-Series mudflap texture issue
    -Other things which I forgot
  4. Update 1: Engines and exhaust

    -Added 3 i4's to the pickup and roamer
    -Added 2 i6's to the pickup and roamer
    -Added 2.0L High Revving diesel v8 to pickup and roamer
    -Added full single exhaust system for the pickup v8
    -Fixed bug with New race headers and cherrier v8
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