Me262 v1.1

Infamous WWII jet fighter

  1. Stoat Muldoon
    The Me262 'Schwalbe': Lightning Fast, Heavily Armed.
    A True Legend of World War Two
    Brought proudly to the skies BeamNG.Drive by:

    @Diamondback (Lua controllers for weaponry, engines and other features) and @Stoat Muldoon (Jbeam, model, textures)
    With special thanks to
    @Davded (Aerodynamics help),
    @Dummiesman (VSI lua, testing),
    @Goosah (Flexbody fixes, feedback),
    @CarlosAir (Feedback, early controller help),
    @Nadeox1 (Feedback, material help),
    @Joelvb (Feedback)
    and all who tested, gave feedback and helped in even the smallest of ways.

    Please Read
    A number of users have reported issues with non functional engines. This is due to incorrect installation. You MUST place in documents/ or the engines will NOT work. Do NOT open, reorganise or extract.
    If you have these engine issues, uninstall the mod and reinstall as stated above. Clear the game cache and it should be fixed. Thank you.

    A joint venture between Diamondback and me, this plane has been our baby since we started working on it together a couple of months ago. We hope you enjoy it, and any issues you find we would be delighted to hear about so we can fix them. Please do not re-upload this mod elsewhere. Please read this page to make sure you know what to expect!

    The Mod
    -Full range of working armament including cannons, rockets and guided missiles (bombs coming after next BeamNG update)
    -Detailed model with animated cockpit
    -In depth destruction and fire physics
    -Simple jet engine simulation
    -Optional advanced flight model for those wanting a more realistic experience
    -Many skins to choose from, with the possibility of making your own.
    -Input maps for keyboard, Xbox game pad and some joysticks

    Future updates will bring bombs, other additional armaments and more variants such as the Pulkzerstrorer, Sturmvogel and night fighter or trainer.
    This mod includes 5 configurations:

    Me262 A-1a 'Schwalbe'

    The 'base model', this version is equipped with the basic armament and standard Jumo 004 engines

    Me262 C-2b R7 "Heimatsch├╝tzer II"
    A prototype, specialized interceptor variant, the C-2b is fitted with less powerful TLR 003R engines, but also fitted with integral liquid fuel rocket boosters that allow it to climb to meet bomber formations in minutes. They activate on full engine throttle. Its 24 R4M aerial rockets allowed to to shred any aircraft in it's sights, although less effective against ground targets.

    Built after the war by the Czechs, the S.92 enjoyed peaceful service alongside Czech built Bf109s for a few years before being replaced by newer aircraft.

    As the war in the Pacific drew to a close, the Japanese Army sought to build a jet fighter to fight off the American B-29s that loomed over their homeland. One of those efforts was the Ki201, essentially a copy of the Me262. None were ever built in the end.

    A-62 Swift
    A work of pure fiction, the A-62 is a modernized version of the Me262 intended for ground attack and fighting in contested airspace. Fitted with state-of-the-art lock on guided missiles, it can destroy an target with deadly accuracy and dissuade any incoming missiles with it's own electronic countermeasures.

    Tips for Flying
    By default, the Me262 is configured with a basic flight model for those of you who wish to destroy tings and have fun. Should you wish a for a more realistic (but subject to improvement) flight model is available in the parts selector.
    - The aircraft will take off at around 115mph/185kmh with takeoff flaps deployed (40% extension). Retract the landing gear soon after takeoff to reduce drag.
    -Allow the aircraft to accelerate to around 250mph/400ph before climbing. Early jet aircraft are known for their slow acceleration from slow speeds.
    -When using the advanced flight model, watch out for stalls when pulling hard on the controls, particularly tip stalls.
    -When landing, deploy the flaps fully and lower the landing gear. Touch down at around 130mph/200kph and use the wheel brakes to slow down to a stop.
    -Differential braking can be used to taxy the aircraft on the ground
    -When engaging in aerial gunnery, make sure to equip the air target ammunition. They fly faster and allow for less target lead, but tend to glitch through stationary targets.
    -When used against ground targets, R4M rockets require an almost direct hit to do serious damage. Its best to dive steep, keep the nose steady on target, fire a volley and hope for a hit. And leave enough room to pull up!
    -Guided missiles will lock on to anything roughly in front of the aircraft, but will not avoid terrain. Countermeasures can be used to assist in evasion, but will not save you on their own. Happy hunting!

    Historical Information
    First taking flight under jet propulsion in July of 1942 and entering service in April of 1944, the Me262 ushered in a new age of aerial combat as the first jet powered aircraft to be fielded by any military force. The first generation jet fighter featured two Jumo 004 turbojet engines slung under each of its lightly swept wings, a high visibility bubble cockpit and four devastating 30mm MK108 cannons mounted in its nose.

    Able to reach speeds in excess of 500mph at altitude and with a climb rate of 4000ft/min, the aircraft operated in many roles ranging from reconnaissance to night fighter and fighter/bomber, doing well in most. It's lethal armament was a real danger to American bomber formations and Me262s were considered high value targets by Allied fighter command.

    Unfortunately for the Axis, by the time the Me262 was in service the war was already in the favor of the Allies, and as they pushed deeper into Axis held territory and bombed industry, the valuable metals required to build jet engines became more and more scarce, as did workers to build them. Reliability plummeted and engines would last mere hours before need replacement. Me262s operated until the end of the war in limited numbers, with the appearance of more advanced jet fighters like the British Meteor and Vampire, and the American P-80 being the final nail in its coffin.

    After World War Two a small number of Me262s were built and operated in Czechoslovakia as the S.92 for a few years. Today, modern built Me262s still grace the skies with their presence using modern, reliable engines performing at airshows and events.


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Recent Reviews

  1. NicOz
    Version: v1.1
    Best plane, 10/10.

    Please come back to do some other planes.
  2. MultiGamerClub
    Version: v1.1
    Fastest plane i know of.
  3. are_your_himiko
    Version: v1.1
    Good Job My guy
  4. Mr. Lolek
    Mr. Lolek
    Version: v1.1
    Brilliant mod, I'm only writing a review now, but this is one of the first mods I have installed on my computer, I have it for a long time and is one of my favorite mods :D
  5. Amajestictaco
    Version: v1.1
    Amazing aircraft, detailed interior and exterior
  6. DaddelZeit
    Version: v1.1
    It really does still function! Nice job!
  7. deadgoa_7
    Version: v1.1
    Rather difficult to fly on keyboard, but with a good XBox controller, it works!
  8. m3sser
    Version: v1.1
    luftwaffe ftw!
  9. S.Ali.M
    Version: v1.1
    Excellent airplane!
  10. BaldurIsCool
    Version: v1.1
    the forced laborers that manufactured the plane sabotaged it and the plane literally disentigrated when i took off 10/10 would have a 25 hour engine life again
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