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Beta McLarry Motors 2.0

controllability and careening velocities

  1. MASSIVE tweakage

    3 new cars replacing 3 old cars!
    The P14 and P14GTR prototype cars have been scrapped as the McLarry VELOCITY and VELOCITY GTR are the replacements, and the S14 which was in desperate need of an update has finally been transformed into the S20 also spawning a new S20 GTR variant.

    HighresScreenshot00296.png HighresScreenshot00300.png HighresScreenshot00475.png HighresScreenshot00479.png HighresScreenshot00464.png HighresScreenshot00468.png HighresScreenshot00483.png HighresScreenshot00487.png

    Also on a side note the VELOCITY now goes faster than the speed if sound.

    Here's what to expect (Maybe) in 2.1...

    HighresScreenshot00480.png HighresScreenshot00481.png
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