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Maka's Itasha Pack 1.7.1

Itasha skins for the weebs of Beam.NG Drive.

  1. The Gamer Girl Update

    Hey, you. Yes, you; the cultured gentleman over there. I have some news for you. I've got an update to the Itasha Pack and it's filled with Gamer Girls.

    8 New Skins
    - Julianne Stingray (VA-11 HALL-A)
    - D.va (Overwatch)
    - Kizuna Ai (Virtual Youtuber)
    - Ryfa & Zen (AMD Mascots)
    - M16 (Girls' Frontline)
    - Bowsette (Super Crown)
    - ST AR-15 (Girls' Frontline)
    - Sinon (Sword Art Online II)

    7 Redesigns and Fixes

    - Altair (redesign)
    - Five-seveN (redesign)
    - Lucy (redesign)
    - UMP9 (changed car 200BX -> ETKc)
    - UMP45 (changed car 200BX -> ETKc)
    - Tohru (redesign)
    - Koneko (removed UV grids, flipped text)

    Configs have been created for every car
    Note: these are not proper configs yet, thumbnails will be added in a future update

    Patreon Donations
    Currently in the works. If you want to support what I do, go ahead and give it a go. (big maybe)
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