M-148 2.0

The strongest armored executive car that protects important people from guns, bombs, and threatening

  1. taa
    Luxury sedans and supercars can be intimidating, but they can only threaten middle school bullies.
    If your opponent is a terrorist with a gun or bomb and you are aiming for your property, those cars will not be able to deal with it at all.
    Then what should I do?
    The answer is simple.
    Buy an armored car with a stiff bulletproof window, a large number of bulletproof body panels, and the strongest V12 engine.
    The M-148 is an armored SUV designed for millionaires and key figures that terrorists around the world will be aiming for.
    Based on a large body with a wheelbase of 3.4m, a space frame, polycarbonate smoke bulletproof windows, and bulletproof body panels made of aluminum reinforced alloy are attached to almost all of the body, and a 3.7L, V12 turbocharger engine is installed. 785 Demonstrate horsepower.
    In addition, the interior is all made of genuine leather and has a foldable marble table on the facing seats, so you can have a relaxing meeting with your friends about the dinner menu, even if there is a shootout right next to you.
    Photo18.png Photo19.png Photo21.png Photo20.png
    This vehicle has undergone numerous endurance tests
    Stomping with a large dump truck and launching 12 missiles
    Shoot in and reach a height of 20,000 feet from the cargo hold of the aircraft
    Even if it falls and hits the ground, it can run without problems.
    screenshot_2021-12-07_18-07-14.png screenshot_2021-12-07_18-09-04.png screenshot_2021-12-07_18-12-32.png

Recent Updates

  1. Adjusted headlight issues and weight.
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