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LWB Grand Marshal + Gavril V12 (NA + QuadTurbo) 1.1

Luxuriate yourself

  1. Velstydez
    Hi! Another little tiny mod here. A bit more ellaborate this time. A friend suggested that there are a lot of LWB mods now, but not for the Grand Marshal, a car that really deserves it. This is also an exercise to better understanding modding for a bigger project, mainly regarding texturing.

    The mod features:
    • Pre-made LWB configs (albeit not all of them,)
    • LWB Rollcage
    • LWB exhausts
    • LWB driveshaft
    • Compatibility with pretty much any of the standard GM parts
    • Working skins (although the rust/old ones are a bit shoddy)
    • Longer Ad-carrier
    • Windowless C-pillar (might add the stock one back in an update) (Added!)
    Update v0.2
    • The LWB, which is 6in longer than the SWB, now weighs 200lbs more, as it should. The weight is realistically distributed between the frame, the body (doors and glass) and the rear running gear.
    • The LWB configs now include Heavy Duty shocks and springs to make up for the extra weight.
    • Fixed some interior geometry on the C pillars
    • Config information now has actual weight information
    • Revised rear doors shading
    WhatsAppImage2020-04-17at2257051.jpeg WhatsAppImage2020-04-17at225705.jpeg

    • Now you can choose between both windowed and window-less C-pillar. The configs include both versions:
    • Cheap LWB variants have the windowed version: fleet, BCPD, etc.
    • More expensive versions, including Taxi and Police use the thick C-pillar
    • Gavril V12 engine, with custom ECU and Sound. Torque curve and main sound sample is from Automation, but it has been tweaked. There is a config with this engine included.
    Update v1.0

    The final addition to this mod: the Quad Turbo version of the V12

    - Fully custom engine model (save for the block)
    - Reorganized engine bay
    - Dual intake for the NA version
    - Quad Turbo config
    - Special Drift V12 Turbo Config


    - Fixed missing center brake light
    - Replaced radiator with HD Drag radiator in V12 config

    Story of the V12

    Gavril started a performance related project, for which they took 2 modular V8s, removed 2 cylinders from each, and thus created a 90ยบ V12. Although the base engine was the 4.5, which would give 6.75L as a V12, since the application was meant to be sporty, the stroke was reduced for increased revs and responsiveness, thus resulting in "just" 6L, and a conservative redline of over 7000 rpm. It produced about 300hp and 440 lbft (~600Nm) in a very smooth way in its NA form. This was not enough for the application, so Gavril decided to stick 4 Barrett Turbos to it, to build the perfect plumber's nightmare.


    Unfortunately due to the financial situation the project was cancelled at the very last moment, just after production for the V12 block had started. Only about a hundred units had been made at that time, but in order not to waste them, Gavril decided to fit them to the Grand Marshall, which was easy because it was the car that they were using to test the engine in the first place. Thus, the super exclusive but not so expensive V12 LWB Grand Marshal hit the roads. The turbo version never got to be fully tuned and was never sold. The only remain is a Grand Marshall in which Gavril was testing the engine.



    Original pictures:
    screenshot_2020-04-16_00-54-20.png screenshot_2020-04-16_00-25-53.png screenshot_2020-04-16_00-15-48.png screenshot_2020-04-16_00-07-56.png screenshot_2020-04-16_00-10-50.png screenshot_2020-04-16_00-37-27.png

    This was meant just as practice but I think it turned out ok, therefore I'm uploading it, hope you enjoy :)

Recent Updates

  1. Fix
  2. Quad Turbo for the V12
  3. Bugfixes and V12

Recent Reviews

  1. vmlinuz
    Version: 1.1
    There are some shading oddities on the rear doors, but they are by no means a deal breaker
    1. Velstydez
      Author's Response
      Oh? I thought I had fixed that... If you can, PM me a pic of the weird areas. I also have to fix the rearranged engine bay textures.
  2. coolgamer55
    Version: 1.1
    now i don't need a wimpy engine
  3. AX53
    Version: 1.1
    very smooth for drifto
  4. adam97ify
    Version: 1.1
    The car is excellent, but the engine texture is a big mess for me.
    Old version deleted, cache cleared.
    1. Velstydez
      Author's Response
      Woopsie! Just realised what you mean. The V12 has different engine bay parts, but they use the old V8 textures. Since they got changed in a recent update, they no longer match the model. I will get this fixed soon though.
  5. BathroomSign
    Version: 1.1
    whats the crash test facility called
    1. Velstydez
  6. Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Version: 1.1
    This V12 and the WBIMP's wagon is a crazy experience when combined. This one of those mods that I didn't know I need, until now.
  7. Justy4WDTURBO
    Version: 1.0
    This + WBIMP's GM Wagon = fun for days
  8. wolfranger36
    Version: 1.0
    whenever I select the lwb frame the rear wheels along with the entire rear suspension is always missing
    1. Velstydez
      Author's Response
      it got oof'd with the last bng update... I'm aware, but currently working on 2020 Miramar which is a priority
  9. FiveSixSeven
    Version: 1.0
    speeeeed is keeeey
  10. Clemens1441
    Version: 1.0
    i love the v12 engine.
    nice work!
    i would like to see some more things for v12
    maybe awd if u would like it :)
    1. Velstydez
      Author's Response
      thanks :) unfortunately, although you could just make awd work with jbeam, when it comes the physical size of the components it would be pretty much imposible to fit awd in a v12 grand marshall without completely transforming the whole car... and i dont like when the models don't match the jbeam. it could be done but im already working on something else
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