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Beta Lore friendly Gamma air skins 2,0

A Fictional Airline that im sure wont break any copyrights

  1. Finally, A new update. Features a new Autobello rental car.

    Vibestation 5
    Wooooooo, Finally a NEW Update. We've got the Autobello Rental car. (Clear cache and delete old gamma air version 1.6)


    1. gammab.png
  2. Sorry, Gamma air skins will be unsupported temporarily since i dont have time to do anymore :(

    Vibestation 5
    Final skin for this month: ETK-K Series Security!
  3. Added 2 New skins! Pessima 1988 and ETK800 Rentals

    Vibestation 5
    Please do not treat the ETK800 Like a Rental, Treat the Pessima like one.
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