Outdated Limitless Testing Pack V1.0.3.1

Test out modified cars on sky test tracks

  1. Thermal engine update

    On the vertigo track the sunburst should overheat less as it has a high performance radiator installed now.
  2. Some tweaks

    • Vertigo - changed hairpin to be less server and to allow the car to come to a complete stop in time
    • Vertigo - increased the chicane section and raised the track slightly
    • Vertigo - fixed the mishap in the description
    • Track mania - smoothed the transition between tracks
    • Track mania - reduced the difficulty from 90 to 80
    • Layered raceway - increased difficulty from 75 to 85
    • Ascending ovals - description now matches the car
  3. Waypoint fixes

    Fixed waypoint 9 on the Vertigo racetrack.
    Fixed waypoint 9, 11, 16 waypoints on the track mania racetrack.
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