Outdated Limitless Testing Pack V1.0.3.1

Test out modified cars on sky test tracks

  1. Darthbob555
    This is a scenario pack that adds 4 different scenarios. Each scenario contains a modified version of the stock vehicle which you will need to race around sky tracks and push them to their limits.

    Ascending ovals - (difficulty 40):

    This scenario takes a custom 200BX around three ovals that ascend. The scenario ends at with a somewhat steep decline downwards towards the finish. You will only need to finish one lap of this track to complete the scenario.

    20160312170845_1.jpg 20160312170855_1.jpg

    Vertigo - (difficulty 60):

    This scenario takes a modified sunburst around a twisting track. Power-slide when you need; the car has 4WD and will favour drifting through tight turns. You will need to complete two laps of the test track to complete the scenario.

    20160312170941_1.jpg 20160312170949_1.jpg

    Track mania (difficulty 80):

    This scenario is three tracks conjoined together to make one big point-to-point track. The car supplied is a modified sunburst race edition. The car is fast in a straight line and will handle corners well but be cautious when braking as the car has no ABS to handle heavy braking.

    20160312171102_1.jpg 20160312171117_1.jpg

    Layered raceway - (difficulty 85):

    This scenario uses a raised SBR around a layered track. The SBR has a large wheel base which gives the car more tolerance to rough landings. However, this is compensated by the lack of control when powering through corners. This scenario requires three laps to complete the scenario.

    20160312171022_1.jpg 20160312171028_1.jpg

    Thanks to WhyBeAre for the video (V1.0.3):

    Thanks to Levy3poop for the video (V1.0.3):

    Thanks to GameDog for the video (V1.0.3):
    10:40 - end

Recent Updates

  1. Thermal engine update
  2. Some tweaks
  3. Waypoint fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. RBDaBeast
    Version: V1.0.3.1
    Everything's ok but, why are you telling us to push to the limit? I overheat after a lap and a half on all the tracks. (except the one with 1 lap.)
  2. mr.shek
    Version: V1.0.3.1
    when i started it , it does not have tire
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Try it without any mods installed; it works for me
  3. RacingCartYT
    Version: V1.0.3.1
    Hey man for some reason when I play these the car spawns but cannot drive, only rev. Also the liverys don't show either, is there a way to fix this?
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      I have downloaded the file on this website and tried it myself and it works fine. Try it without any MODs installed; then see if it works. If it does, then it is a MOD that is causing the issue. If it isn't, post in the discussion thread and I'll take another look at it.
  4. HR28QT
    Version: V1.0.3.1
    Had some problems with overheating cars but ehh dats pretty goooood.
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Which ones? I tried adding in high performance radiators to the sunburst but it seems that the update breaks all race cars.
  5. Levy3Poop
    Version: V1.0.3
    Holy poop, these challenges are hard as hell. Or rather, hard as hell to complete while trying to go fast. I got super frustrated, but I did enjoy it :) The sky roads are awesome, and I love that you used a good variety of custom cars for this scenarios. You should upload the configurations of the cars as mods to download!

    As always, great work with your scenarios, Bob :D

    I made a video of this, and your ludicrous loops scenarios :) If you search for me on YT, you'll find it. I don't wanna link it and be accused of shameless self promotion. I have many things I'm ashamed of, thank you!
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Thank you; glad you enjoy it :). I will probably upload the configs for the cars eventually once I get time.
  6. Kenneth_Mc
    Version: V1.0.3
    maps are very challenging and require much skill, i like the custom variants of the vehicles, and keep up the good work XD
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it :)
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