Lightning Strike Logistics, Inc. Skin Pack 2.0

A skin pack featuring liveries of LSLinc. and their older forms

  1. Bolt2407_Beamfan
    Most of the configs in this pack require the following mods:
    Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack
    Re-textured T-Series Lights

    Semi Upfit Trailers (for tow hitches)
    Gavril T-Series Addon (IMPORTANT: You need to unpack the mod so it does not conflict with the expansion pack.)
    Gavril B-Series
    D-Series Addon
    Gavril D55
    Tanker with skins
    NASCAR Gen 6
    CH T-Series Dryvan Addon
    1972 Gavril T-Series
    Delivery van interior
    1986-1987 H-Series
    Last but not least, you need the race-trailer, but it has been taken off the repo.

    Striking to all 50 states to get your cargo delivered safely.
    Company lore------------------------------------------------

    Lightning Strike Logistics, Inc. is a logistics company founded in 1971. It was founded under the name "Thunder Logistics & Delivery Co." by Stanley Campbell. The company's slogan was "Thunderstriking everywhere in the US to get your cargo delivered fast and safe." But it was changed to "Striking to all 50 states to get your cargo delivered safely." in 1979. The logistics company promises to be fast and safe at the same time. While it might not be as old as the other logistic companies, nor look like they spend all the money on the paint, it's a great logistics company. In the late 80s, the company logo and design changed to the current one you see. LSLi still continues to deliver cargo around the whole US safely and fast, to this day.
    You can find more lore in some configurations' descriptions.

    -What's included:
    -2 T-Series skins
    -10 T-Series configurations
    -1 D-Series skin

    -3 D-Series configurations
    -2 H-Series skins
    -2 H-Series configurations
    -2 Dryvan trailer skins
    -9 Dryvan trailer configurations
    -1 NASCAR Gen 6 skin
    -1 NASCAR Gen 6 configuration
    -2 B-Series Skins
    -2 B-Series configurations
    -1 Skin for the skinnable tanker
    -2 Configurations for the tanker
    -1 Skin for the race-trailer
    -1 Configuration for the race-trailer

    Please note 2: I know the issue about the B-Series skin already, but due to the B-Series not having an actual UV for itself, this issue cannot be solved nor fixed unless IYB makes an actual UV for the B-Series. Thank you for understanding.

    Known issues:
    -The "Lost 'n' Customized" configuration does not drive until you turn on the transfercase

    -Config tweaks
    -Older variations of the skins


    20220622061031_1.jpg 20220622064149_1.jpg 20220622064241_1.jpg 20220622151901_1.jpg 20220622154708_1.jpg 20220212113900_1.jpg 20220212120611_1.jpg 20220213053953_1.jpg 20220213055102_1.jpg 20220213063620_1.jpg Screenshot_2344.png Screenshot_2345.png Screenshot_2595.png Screenshot_2596.png Screenshot_2598.png Screenshot_2599.png Screenshot_2602.png Screenshot_2603.png Screenshot_2609.png Screenshot_2610.png beamng_lsli_wedontslack_advertisement.png beamng_lsli_notaonemanjob_advertisement.png beamng_lsli_bigsmalladvertisement.png
    Please note: Some pictures might be outdated.

Recent Updates

  1. 2.0 - I feel Old
  2. 1.8 Update
  3. 1.7 Hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. BNG-FUN
    Version: 1.8
    An very nice-looking skin pack! Keep up the great work!
    1. Bolt2407_Beamfan
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  2. Savan Thakur
    Savan Thakur
    Version: 1.7
    good job,
    where can i find the trailer (7th screenshot)
    1. Bolt2407_Beamfan
      Author's Response
      Thank you.
      The trailer is the vanilla flatbed trailer, but the second bogie comes from the B-Series mod. For the load, it's from the TC42 Construction Crane mod.
  3. WarEthe
    Version: 1.2
    1. Bolt2407_Beamfan
      Author's Response

      I'll try making a skin for the ETK 6000 too.
  4. Blue Bird Gaming
    Blue Bird Gaming
    Version: 1.0
    Great skins!
  5. foxu
    Version: 1.0
    looks very good! can't wait to see more form you
  6. bastion.exe
    Version: 1.0
    nice for first mod!
    1. Bolt2407_Beamfan
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