LeGran Prototype 1.001

A vehicle that actively tries to kill you

  1. Blijo
    Do you know what is fun about this game: Replicating deadly crashes without actually dying yourself!
    Now, since this requires quite some effort, I decided to help you.
    I made a modification to the LeGran that takes away the need for effort.
    Now you can plug in your wheel, take a version of the LeGran and start cruising until the car decides to kill you*.

    How is a LeGran going to kill you? Apart from being boring, slow and brown, this LeGran prototype has some unethical design choices. The engineering team decided to see what happened if they would equip the already inspiring** LeGran with an engine behind the rear axle and swap the rear suspension with swing axles.
    As we all know, the swing axle suspension is one of the engineering wonders. It has been patented by Edmund Rumpler in 1921 and has brought driving joy*** to many people in Corvairs, VW's and Mercedesses.

    So this all makes sense. Even the V6 with all options does :)

    Enjoy and if you like my work, consider donating to https://www.paypal.me/blijo :)


    screenshot_2018-11-16_17-04-08.png screenshot_2018-11-16_17-04-17.png screenshot_2018-11-16_17-21-00.png screenshot_2018-11-16_17-22-58.png screenshot_2018-11-16_19-27-48.png

    *No way to escape your fate. You can hold it by giving throttle and being careful
    **No it isn't. It is more boring than counting the amount pixels in a white image by hand. Yes I tried.
    ***If you like near-death situations. Do not try this outside!

Recent Updates

  1. Syntax fix

Recent Reviews

  1. MultiGamerClub
    Version: 1.001
    Worked in 0.17 Update.
    Dopesnt work in 0.17.1 Update.

    Some major fixes is happening seeing as half my mods is broken.
  2. MrConner64
    Version: 1.001
  3. DJbeam.
    Version: 1.001
    Nice, You have good mods *and a good sense of humor, it is April 1st
  4. Marcus_gt500
    Version: 1.001
    As a owner of a real rear engine swing axle car, I highly approve! Also, can you please fit a beefy V8 on it?
  5. ehh.
    Version: 1.001
    its... interesting
  6. Nathan24™
    Version: 1.001
    Any plans for a second engine for AWD and swing axle suspension in the front so I could finish my LeGran crawler? :D
  7. vintage apple
    vintage apple
    Version: 1.001
    Nader disapproves of this mod
  8. Brickturn
    Version: 1.001
    Needs a frunk.
  9. ufix
    Version: 1.001
    It's great! What about dual engine configuration?
  10. teetee599
    Version: 1.001
    Im guessing you cant die with it on grid small pure. but it works as a great drift car. nice job
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