Alpha Legran Offroad/V8 parts 1.15

Legran offroad suspension and V8 swap


Warning filename has changed

  1. Tweaks with extra parts

    At this point I have tweaked more of the parts for fine tuning. There are some known bugs/setbacks.
    • Lacking pulley props on 5.5L V8 due to not knowing how to move the rotating props
    • Some parts of exhaust and driveline showing through floor
    • Snorkel does not appear
    • Sidepipe exhaust appears after Moonhawk is loaded into game
    Thanks for downloading this mod and leave feedback.
  2. Tweaks and presets

    As requested by the those using this mod there are now presets with pictures on the vehicle selection.

    There have been tweaks made to the drive-line pieces.

    The issue with the glass not being see through can be resolved using one of the other mods available such as the coupe/wagon mod and so forth that have their own glass. I will keep working on this issue.

    The filename is different so deleting the original is recommended.

    Thanks for the support and continue leaving feedback....
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