Lautan Rocket 1.0

Hyperwagon with 2600 hp, 480 kph top speed, 4 doors and 4 seats

  1. KeinAnderer
    You always find so many hypercars, but all with the same problems. Not enough power and only 2 doors with 2 seats. Many aint even a hatchback so how am I supposed to daily it? Finally this problem has been solved. Introducing this, the Lautan Rocket. Comes with 2600 hp, AWD and a 9k rpm redline. It has 4 doors with 4 seats and a rear hatch to finally carry around more than a bag of golf clubs, which makes this the perfect daily and even family car for sure. It can go around 480 kph, which is almost 500 and since its front engined it handles more predictably, which makes this combined with ESC only a slight deathtrap. What are you asking? Fuel efficiency? Dude we dont talk about that. Nobody cares about that anyway.

    Another big issue of hypercars in automation is turbo lag. Oh how I hate that. Sadly its almost unavoidable, so I gave this big s*cker a 13L V16. Quite a big engine I know. I did have to turbo it to make decent power, but I tuned it for low-ish rpm. So it makes all its power above 4k rpm (yes thats low end for automation). The power is then consistantly above 2000 hp and hits its peak close to the top end, which makes this feel with its AWD quite like a rocket. The engine is dying from that high rpm but who cares about reliability? Since this engine is so huge the car sadly weighs more than 2 tons but dont worry, that doesnt compromise speed or acceleration much. Still got a power to weight ratio above 1:1.

    This is also my first hypercar with high power which doesnt try to kill you when it even sees a f*cking corner. The oversteer is surprisingly easy to correct and the handling isnt that bad either. It also goes like $@#!€% and only wheelspins on 1st and 2nd gear. This is still a f*cking deathtrap tho.


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