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Beta Kunugi's Realistic Skin Pack 0.2

41 Original skins, including engine cover repaints and IRL car replicas!

  1. kunugi
    Hello everyone!
    I've made a whole load of realistic and complicated skins for your pure enjoyment.
    Some vehicles have also modified gauges, engines, etc.

    200BX : 6 skins
    -A'pex 180SX D1GP
    -Minolta A70 Supra 87's
    -Minolta A70 Supra 88's
    -Street (Comes with repainted engine cover!!)
    -Tommykaira (original)
    -Fiat Coupe Polizia(Top Gear)

    Covet : 4 skins
    -Advan Civic
    -PIAA Civic
    -Spoon Civic
    -Spoon racing Civic

    Old Pessima : 10 skins
    -Nismo 270R
    -Nismo 400R
    -R32 nismo S-tune
    -BP Civic JTCC
    -Legacy 93's WRC
    -Japanese police
    -Drift missile (original)
    -Iketani's S13 (initial D)
    -Aoi TAXI(JPN Kyoto TAXI)
    -Yasaka TAXI(JPN Kyoto TAXI)

    Sunburst : 16 skins
    -R32 Calsonic JTCC
    -R32 Taisan JTCC
    -R32 Zexel JTCC
    -R32 Unisia jecs JTCC
    -R32 Reebok JGTC
    -Lan-evo rally TOMMI MAKINEN
    -Mine's R32
    -Mine's R33
    -Mine's R34
    -Mine's Lan-evo
    -Street (This has a painted engine too!)
    -Drift missile (original)
    -Learning car (original)
    -Blitz 2004 ER34 D1GP
    -HKS genki hyper S15 D1GP
    -Paul's Lan-Evo(2 fast 2 furious)

    Bolide 2 skin
    -Superveloce (LAMBORGHINI)

    Dryvan 1 skin
    -DEKOTORA (Japanese style dryvan)

    AN12 : 2 skins

    I'm accepting requests!!
    Have fun!!!



    1. 284160_screenshots_20200315221846_1.jpg
    2. 284160_screenshots_20200420212622_1.jpg
    3. 1567221938_A.png
    4. 1574508683_20191123202536_1.jpg
    5. 284160_screenshots_20181007165858_1.jpg
    6. 284160_screenshots_20181125202405_1.jpg
    7. 284160_screenshots_20190404192135_1.jpg
    8. 284160_screenshots_20190707000629_1.jpg
    9. 284160_screenshots_20191221235420_1.jpg
    10. 284160_screenshots_20200113205703_1.jpg
    11. 284160_screenshots_20200309110904_1.jpg
    12. 284160_screenshots_20200430134531_1.jpg
    13. 20200516162141_1.jpg
    14. 20200519223959_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. 0.2 Update

Recent Reviews

    Version: 0.2
    This is amazing mate. Really awesome
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      Thank you~~~!
  2. Pungpig2
    Version: 0.2
    Awesome mod!
  3. sonntyou77
    Version: 0,1
    This mod is awesome ... especially pessima's Drift Missile skin is one of my favorites. It was amazing to stick to the lights とてもいいmodでした!
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      I packed a lot of commitment.
  4. eleventhhour
    Version: 0,1
    You dropped your crown king for making this royal mod
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      Oops ... I have to make my own crown skin ...
  5. TheBlueS14
    Version: 0,1
    loving the skins
  6. RecklessRodeo
    Version: 0,1
    Awesome man! The skins remind me of some older config packs. You gonna do some Murican and European vehicles aswell?
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      I will update the skin still
      American and European cars will also be added
      look forward to it!!
  7. pixeaudi
    Version: 0,1
    Cool! Can you do the Polizia skin for the 200BX based on Clarkson's Fiat Coupe from TopGear please?
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      of course!
      Stay tuned for the next update!
  8. Truck-truckin-truck
    Version: 0,1
    I'm giving this a four star rating based off of one thing. Yes these skins are REALLY well done, but I will say that a lot of them make no sense. You have Evo Skins for the Sunburst but no Subaru STI Skins, the Lancer Evolution skins are alright on the Sunburst seeing as there's no Lancer look alike in the game. The Nomi270R (Nismo270R) Should be on the 200bx since the 270R was a S14. All the GTR based skins from the R32-R34 should be on the Old Pessima, not the Sunburst (Subaru WRX STI), The Old Pessima has a mod that adds Skyline Taillights and looks the closest to a Skyline (R31 series of GT-R), so all the Nismo/Skyline based Group A Skins should be on the Old Pessima as well, makes no sense why they'd be on the Sunburst.
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      I may not have a sense of choosing a car.
      But I'm still happy if you enjoyed this skin.
  9. Sid the Suck
    Sid the Suck
    Version: 0,1
    This is the best set of skins and most of them are the best skins I've seen in this game. Excellent work. Absolutely phenomenal mod!
    1. kunugi
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Thank you very much! ! ! Please continue to use a lot!
  10. MtsMB
    Version: 0,1
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