Kubajzn Rapidos X6 201 2.0

Another quick car from Kubajzn.

  1. Hadrabak
    4.0l V6 - 769hp @ 9100 rpm
    0-62 mph (0-100 km/h)
    3097 lbs (1405 kg)
    7sp Dual Clutch

    (the photos aren't the same trim, but it looks almost the same)


    1. HiResPhoto12.png
    2. HiResPhoto13.png
    3. HiResPhoto14.png

Recent Updates

  1. Better Drivability and Downforce Update

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.0
    Hi :)

    I have just tested your car! So, first, we can clearly see that you have worked the aesthetic of your car! There is a lot of details, and I like it! But, the position of the headlights seems a bit weird for me.

    For the handling, I have just one thing to say: your car really needs wider tires! It’s extremely fun to drive it at low speed, but your car is unmanageable at higher speed.

    And finally, I am not a big fan of the engine. I usually prefer an engine with a linear torque curve, but it’s only my opinion ;)

    That’s all! The only real downside of your car is the small tires, but anything else is good, and I think it’s a cool looking car, so here is a deserved 5 stars for you :)
    1. Hadrabak
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for the review, and for the 5 stars. An update is coming soon, so the drivability issues should be resolved. The car is now undergoing the drivability tests, and the second version should be public soon. If something is still wrong and needs to be fixed, don't hesitate to write another review, or private message me. Hope you like the new update.
  2. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    I love it!
    1. Hadrabak
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