Koyota Country-Crosser Safari 1.0

A strong and durable off-road vehicle for towing heavy loads and mountaineering.

  1. volltreffer1
    It should remind of the 1995 toyota land cruiser which has a safary platfprm. With its powerful 4.5 L V8, it has just the right amount of power to climb mountains or tow heavy loads, and all that at a reasonable fuel consumption.

    HiResPhoto23_1920-1080.png HiResPhoto24_1920-1080.png HiResPhoto25_1920-1080.png HiResPhoto26_1920-1080.png

    screenshot_2022-01-24_20-15-58.png screenshot_2022-01-24_20-18-59.png screenshot_2022-01-24_20-19-09.png screenshot_2022-01-24_20-24-16.png screenshot_2022-01-24_20-37-39.png screenshot_2022-01-24_20-37-50.png screenshot_2022-01-24_20-38-03.png
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