Expansive and immersive configuration pack focused on Japanese autos

  1. Kueso
    Installment Three of:
    Kueso and LJ's Japan Pack

    NOTE: This mod relies on "core mods:"


    KLJP is the spiritual successor to WBIMP but this time around the focus on quality over quantity is much more paramount; and of course, we narrowed down our selection to just Japanese cars. Granted most all of this is not "developer quality" in the sense that it was produced professionally, but we tried to achieve a high standard of quality regardless.

    -A lot of finely tuned, factory and lore friendly configurations to attempt to improve your immersion
    -Many engines, bodystyles, skins, badges, interior colors, and much more
    -Japanese Domestic Market model lineups for some cars with some parallels to their ""real life counterparts""
    -Makes extensive use of all KLJP Core Mod rims
    -Makes extensive use of finely tuned engine sounds, and some custom ones from KLJP Core Mod.

    Bugs (and my laziness)
    -Colors arent selectable just yet, and some configurations use custom colors because for some reason or another mods cannot add additional colors to the base game color swatch of any given car
    -Performance stats are a write-off for most configurations, things change around too much to warrant making them
    -Probably going to have some errors with other mods as this mod was mostly untested with other mods, but most all of it is designed in a way for it to never conflict with another mod (knock on wood).
    Likely some misinformation in the descriptions of some cars as keeping track of so much is hard and time consuming.

    -Sunburst facelift (needs: full interior remodel, Sun-E body paneling)
    -Covet content will be nuked by the upcoming game update, please keep this in mind.

    screenshot_2022-04-06_01-16-40.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-18-24.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-19-08.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-19-27.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-25-56.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_01-49-45.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-48-28.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-48-58.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_01-53-42.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-54-41.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-54-29.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_01-58-23.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-58-55.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_02-01-37.png screenshot_2022-04-09_02-01-53.png screenshot_2022-04-09_02-01-24.png screenshot_2022-04-09_02-02-41.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_14-23-02.png screenshot_2022-04-09_14-23-28.png screenshot_2022-04-09_14-25-37.png screenshot_2022-04-09_14-24-56.png
    screenshot_2022-04-10_02-30-55.png screenshot_2022-04-10_02-32-06.png screenshot_2022-04-10_02-31-15.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_16-31-55.png screenshot_2022-04-13_16-20-50.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_17-01-58.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-02-36.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-02-46.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_16-59-05.png screenshot_2022-04-13_16-58-28.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_17-06-58.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-07-57.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-08-05.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-08-24.png
    screenshot_2022-04-15_17-27-32.png screenshot_2022-04-15_17-28-04.png screenshot_2022-04-15_17-28-23.png
    screenshot_2022-02-17_16-50-38.png screenshot_2022-02-17_16-51-45.png
    - @Kueso
    - @LJ74
    - @Calarist (coupe pessima model)
    - @Theo Wilkinson (all facelifted Sunburst content)
    - @Finn Wilkinson (facelift sunburst initial design)
    - @DaddelZeit (facelift sunburst gauge display and hybrid logic and other LUA)
    - @SuperAusten64 (for quote, "two lightly modified textures and a lot of nitpicking")
    - My Discord server for beta testing and suggestions

    That's all for now. Report bugs in the mod thread and have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. Palkia88
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Works now, just had to use it in safe mode to fix the Sunburst.
    Very very good mod :thumbsup:
  2. G-Farce
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    The CRX rear is all I needed to rate this 5 stars
  3. YounesGangbang
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    It's just amazing for me the SBR4 Faclift is such a different car like wow this thing drives and sounds like I imagine a Porsche GT3 to drive and sound. This is def. Dev quallity keep it up bet BeamNG will give you a place in their team
  4. FBI485
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Absolutely amazing mod, however after the last update. The face lifted sbr4 no longer works with the RK engines mod.
  5. Latios
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Excellent mod, it really brings some more interesting stuff to these cars, there are however two bugs i've found, missing texture for the old pessima SR-Technica gauges and the black ibishu hubcaps "dome" and fall off at higher speeds
  6. OhMaynee
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Amazing mod man I really must say, been loving it on the SBR4... but there's one small problem bro, after the most recent update, the eSBR electric motor damages instantly when spawning only when having the Facelifted Unibody bro, is there a way for you to fix this? Other than that, I really love this mod man :)
  7. jessdmercedes
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Pessima with popups.... In love with it!
  8. Captainalpha0
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    Awesome mod, one of the best ones out there, if not the best. One big issue though, the facelifted SBR4 has limited parts, you can't use engines, gearboxes or body parts from other mods. Other than that, congrats
    1. Kueso
      Author's Response
      by intention, as they would conflict with them
      how is this an issue..?
  9. Chia
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    3 stars because sbr isnt working
    1. Kueso
      Author's Response
      lol it'd be much appreciated if you actually went out of your way to go explain what was wrong in the discussion thread please, and thanks
  10. Solo gaming
    Solo gaming
    Version: 1.1 RELEASE
    very nice mod
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